Weird ringtone question

  1. datamanwesley

    datamanwesley New Member

    Hi All, I've got a Samsung GS3 and when I get a text as a result of someone sending email to, the ringtone is the default us cellular ringtone even though my default ringtones for phone and notifications are set differently.

    Also, I've set a custom ringtone for the sender's email address that is not honored either.

    My goal is simple, if I receive text because my brother sent me an email to my I want to be able to set the notification. I know this is weird an uncommon but does anyone know a solution?

  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can think of is that it is because it is a text sent to your email address. try sending yourself a text to that email address and see if the result is the same.

    If no one else uses that email address to send you a text, etc. Try adding it to your brother's contact info. Maybe that could cure it.

    Lastly, try Light Flow free edition. It will enable you to highly customize your alerts. YOu can set when receiving a message from your brother to a certain alert tone, reminder tone, etc. Then set the email address to match maybe.

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