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  1. NayNay1991x

    NayNay1991x Member

    Hello, For quite sometime now I've been having a problem when Im browsing on facebook, youtube or anything else for a period of time I press the home button to go back to the menu screen, and my phone lags for like 3 seconds then brings the Icons up randomly like there not there when they should be then they all start appearing, then when I click to go on my menu where all my apps are etc its like my phone has gone from an alphabetical view to its like own view and placed my apps in about 15 slide windows? :confused:

    And another problem is when I go on my camera I choose the Flash On it stays to OFF and I get no Flash ?


  2. iSwaQ

    iSwaQ Member

    Get the latest update if you don't have it. You could try formuating the phone also. I haven't had this problem at all but i'm guessing that one of my sollutions should work. Good luck!

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