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    Welcome to the AF App Dev forum!

    Below is a compilation of some of our links & resources.
    Please feel free to suggest threads, links, code or books.

    If this is your first time to AF, you should drop into the Introductions forum first and say hello.
    We'd be happy to get to know you!


    Table of Contents
    (click sections)

    1. Learning resources
    Forum threads, tutorials, books & videos that teach Java, Android, C++ or other related development tech.

    2. Tips & code snippets
    Posts and links with short tips, or simple methods you can include in your code.

    3. Open source code
    Libraries and framerworks you may find helpful.

    4. Icons, graphics & stock photos
    Where to get, and designer/photographers that are good or have expressed an interest in working with app devs.

    5. FAQs
    Frequently recurring questions asked here, and some of the solution threads or links.

    6. Game specific
    Info that applies to games in particular. Links here may be listed elsewhere too if they include good general tips.

    7. Advanced topics
    Stuff not covered above such as: push notifications, multi-threading, proguard, NDK usage, ROM dev tips, working with internal media via ADB, memory management, performance optimization, caching, and more

    8. Promotion, advertising, & monetization
    How to promote your app, integrate advertising, and how to monetize. Includes info about vendors and markets
    and in-app billing. Also are links to blog from indie devs sharing their profit details.

    1) Learning Resources

    Websites & threads

    The Android Developers Guide (official)
    Your first stop on any learning process
    - The Developer's Guide | Android Developers
    - Notepad Tutorial | Android Developers
    - List of Sample Apps | Android Developers

    Android Tools Project Site (official)
    - http://tools.android.com/

    Android Design (official)
    - http://developer.android.com/design/index.html


    Proably the most popular Q&A site for Android and Java questions
    - Stack Overflow
    - Newest 'android' Questions - Stack Overflow

    Permissions Guide
    Explained from a user standpoint
    - http://androidforums.com/android-ap...ps-avoid-viruses-guide-those-new-android.html

    Full Permission list
    The official complete list of Android's built-in permissions
    - http://d.android.com/reference/android/Manifest.permission.html

    Linuxtopia.org Android Developer guide
    A ton of snippets to explain each concept
    - http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books/android/devguide/index.html

    My Life with Android
    Blog with many tutorials and tips
    - My life with Android :)

    Hello, Android

    A decent site with a lot of tutorials for beginners
    - http://www.helloandroid.com/

    Think Android
    Excellent blog with many useful tutorials
    - http://thinkandroid.wordpress.com/

    Android Academy

    A couple of good tutorials on device/pixel scaling especially
    - http://www.androidacademy.com/

    Lots of useful tutorials that don't just apply to games
    - http://blog.androgames.net/

    Jazz with Android
    Blog with helpful tutorials and code - recommended by AF member "zeldan"

    Lars Vogel's Android tutorial
    Comprehensive step by step long tutorial (recommended by AF member "Soljenitin")

    Books and PDFs

    Android Wireless Application Development
    By Shane Conder & Lauren Darcey (recommended by AF member jonbonazza)

    German guide
    ( Deutsch )
    Free e-book (Link submitted by an AF member)
    - http://www.chip.de/downloads/Gratis-E-Book-Android_41911525.html

    Professional Android 2 Application Development
    by Reto Meier (Reccommend by AF Guide scary alien )
    - http://www.amazon.com/Professional-Android-Application-Development-Programmer/dp/0470565527


    GoogleDevelopers YouTube Channel (official)

    Google I/O 2011: How to NFC
    Google I/O 2011: How to NFC

    Cornboyz Youtube channel
    Video tutorials (recommended by AF member sharath_92)
    CornboyzAndroid -YouTube

    Android bootcamp on Marakana TechTV (rec by AF member j4hr0m)
    - Android Bootcamp Screencast Series - Marakana

    200 short android tutorials by TheNewBoston
    (rec by AF member j4hr0m)
    - List of Videos for Android Application Development

    2) Tips & code snippets

    Security tip for devs using LogCat

    Game dev tips for Corona SDK and Android


    How to check if storage (sdcard) is writable


    How to write a .nomedia file

    comming soon:

    - project clean / remove .android folder
    - relative layout "sticky" header/footers
    - how to setup a file util for your app

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    3) Open source code

    General & hosting
    Popular "social" host for sharing open source projects. Based on the git versioning system

    Google code
    A free host for opensource projects

    Projects & code

    Android Open Source Project
    The source code behind the little green robot

    Simple Interactive Book by AF member antihero
    Code: https://code.google.com/p/simple-interactive-book/
    MIT License

    Code: http://code.google.com/p/ringdroid/
    Apache License 2.0

    Android HTTP Server
    Apache License 2.0

    Apache License 2.0

    GNU GPL v3

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    4) Icons, Graphics, Stock Photos, Design

    User Experience design
    Excellent website about how to use interface element to help the user experience and enable "discoverability" of your app's features

    Deviant Art
    One of the largest independent communities of artists online.
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to get permission from the individual artists before using any art


    Royaltee free stock images, but sometimes cost a one time fee -- can be useful. Usually includes a Model Release

    Ardchoille's Icons/graphics/themes
    Fantastic work by AF Guide ardchoille

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    5) FAQs

    -Sqllite DBs
    -XML Sax parsing?

    please feel free to suggest FAQs for consideration

    6) Game specific


    - Corona - Cross platform Game Engine
    - Unity3D - Cross platform 3D game engine

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    game code

    Simple Interactive Book by AF member antihero
    Code: https://code.google.com/p/simple-interactive-book/
    MIT License

    Coming soon:
    - pathfinding
    - memory managment

    please feel free to suggest stuff for consideration

    7) Advanced topics

    Android specific

    Content Providers
    An advanced and very detailed look at content providers
    Understanding Android Content Providers

    Cloud to Device Messaging
    Free push messaging service offered by Google
    Android Developers Blog: Android Cloud To Device Messaging

    - IPC
    - Proguard
    - LVL?
    - memory management
    - profiling/testing

    Java/C++/ general programming

    - Cohesion ( Wikipedia article on Cohesion )
    - Learning Java books?

    C, C++, and other languages

    C++ Primer (4th Edition)
    By SStanley B. Lippman, Jose Lajoie, & Barbara E. Moo - Good intermediate book
    (recommended on android-dev IRC)

    C++ Primer Plus (5th Edition)
    By Stephen Prata - Good beginners book
    (recommended on android-dev IRC)

    OOP Principles: Cohesion, Coupling, Dependency, Inversion of Control

    Wikipedia entry about cohesion

    Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern
    Great article and deep look at design patterns and OOP priciples
    Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern

    Software Quality and Coupling and Cohesion
    By Vince Kellen - Great discussion about cohesion but the code samples may be a bit hard to follow
    http://www.kellen.net/Coupling and Cohesion.htm

    Design patterns

    Head First Design Patterns
    by Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra - Excellent book on design patterns that will make you really remember what they are and how and when to use them

    Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern
    Great article and deep look at design patterns and OOP priciples
    Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern

    Design Patterns presentation by Peter Norvig
    Comprehensive look at design patterns, their use, and missuse
    Design Patterns in Dynamic Languages

    ROM and ADB info

    How to dump(copy) your ROM
    A quick guide on how to make a copy of your rom. Can be helpful for advanced debugging, or starting into ROM development. Recommended by AF Moderator twospirits
    Index of /romdump

    7) Promotion & ads, monitization

    Learning resources & blogs

    Blog from independent developer and AF member Johannes Borchardt

    Android: A Hobby or Business?
    Blog from independent developer, student and AF member sir-lewis

    List of Markets

    - Android Market
    - Amazon
    - SlideMe

    (other app stores being evaluated)

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    App directory/discovery/promotion sites

    - Phandroid / AndroidApplications.com This site :)

    - Appbrain Has an installer to help advertise your app, some stats tracking

    - Androlib One of the first ever Android app websites, available in many languages

    - Appolicious Yahoo's user-based app discovery and directory

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    Advertising companies

    (All include some type of stats tracking)

    - AdMob (Owned by Google, similar to AdMob)

    - Google (AdSense, requires a separate website AdSense account)

    - Medialets (AF thread) (Phandroid article) Submitted by AF Owner Rob

    - InMobi

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration

    Stats tracking

    - Android dev console (Google built in)
    - Google Analytics
    - Flurry

    please feel free to suggest others for consideration


    This is a continuation from the original "learning resources" thread: http://androidforums.com/application-development/51702-good-learning-resources.html

    Last updated Aug. 5 2011

    0.01: 1st draft/outline
    0.02: began adding links from old thread
    0.03: Migration from old thread complete, adding new content
    0.04: More tips and helpful threads, links to ad companies, ROM dev stuff
    0.05: Made the Teble of contents clickable for major sections
    0.06: added Ringdroid, simple interactive book, Unity3D, Corona
    0.07: more open source links, fixed a lot of formatting
    0.10: more open source links

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    ^thanks, added

    Also added:


    -Android Tools (official site)
    -Android Design (official site)
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    Publisher links?
    ya know links to the signs up to get on popular app stores
  8. This is very useful, but I don't know how to publish an app. Please help?
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