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    Oct 22, 2011
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    Hey guys the awesome admin Phases hooked me up with a place to put all of my dev work and I am planning on doing so awesome things as I get time! I currently have a Evo 4G and HP Touchpad so those are the devices I will be working on. Now I am not some expert dev and I certainly do not claim to be, for now I will be working with bases and building and tweaking from them.

    Most of you know about my OTA rom I released in Febuary and I am planning on working on a AOSP based ROM very soon for the Evo. I am exploring my options with the Thouchpad and will most likely take the latest CM9 builds and work with them.

    My only rule is not to ask when something will get done as the answer is "When it's done" as most devs have that answer. With that in mind I will accept any suggestions you guys might have and I will do my best to incorporate them in a build.

    Enjoy the builds!

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