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  1. jimjamjohnny

    jimjamjohnny Member

    back in may i purchased a new unwanted upgrade note from fleabay,have had no probs until this weekend when it suddenly stopped working....i rang my service provider o2 who informed me that the phone has been barred citing that its been reported lost/stolen.......tried paypal,not interested, tried ebay,not even replied, tried the seller, he just said you can try getting your money back from me but its been over 90 days so you have no chance, and anyway i could be trying to scam him.....of course i'm always ringing my providers getting my own phone blocked....so lesson learned, i have bought/sold 20 odd phones over the years on ebay, but never again.

  2. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    That sucks dude. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of who reported it so they can undo that.
  3. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    Wow. You can't do that in Canada - for the very reason that you could cancel peoples phones if you know a little information about them and their phone (like say a nasty breakup etc). Name, Address and IMEI number....

    I'm thinking it depends on if you bought it from 'some guy' on Ebay - or from a storfront on Ebay that sent you an official invoice with the phone that shows the serial and IMEI number of the phone you legally purchased. Does O2 have local offices around town? You could show them the paperwork showing you are the legal owner, and have the phone in hand, and ask them to make it work on your account as it should, and as it has been for many months.

    They can't argue with an official receipt.

    Again, unless it was bought from some guy that just sent you a used phone....

    Hope it works out.
  4. jimjamjohnny

    jimjamjohnny Member

    called o2 as requested by the fraud and internet crime section to give them the crime ref number, and they now tell me it hasn't been reported stolen/lost. but still cannot tell me why it has been barred, i'm getting really pissed now as no one seems to give a shit.the police told me there is nothing they can do, and ebay still continue to let the guy trade, i have emailed the seller again to ask him if as he says 'he has done nothing wrong 'then why can he not ring his provider and request that the phone be unblocked. but you've guessed it,he hasn't the decency to reply,so where can i go from here,?
  5. laurie53

    laurie53 Member

    It seems that the seller didn't block the phone, O2 did, but they don't know why.

    Your beef is with them.
  6. itsrijo

    itsrijo Well-Known Member

  7. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    have you tried a different sim? does it work as a tablet on wifi? its a mind-bender , but perhaps consider using it as a tablet. Its what i use mine for by choice. I know its small consolation :-( - also perhaps rooting may help? i dont know much about such things. I mean, i have rooted mine and changed roms many times, but dont know if it may help in your case.
  8. jo157

    jo157 Member

    Hi just wondering if it was an upgrade with a sim contract,if the guy u got it from has not paid his bill would the phone company block the phone.
  9. Jammy2010

    Jammy2010 Well-Known Member

    that is shocking, I'm pretty sure ebay can do something about it, chat to the customer support online instead of e mailing and tell them what that guy said to you knowing he done it deliberately.
  10. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Basically you've been using this phone for 4 months without an issue so I can understand if the seller is not the one who claimed the phone was lost/stolen, thinking you could be out to scam him.

    I'd keep fighting with O2 to give you a valid answer that makes sense because from what I've read, they're basically saying the phone is now deactivated and they can't be bothered to give you the time of day. eMailing the seller and him not responding just seems like it's not his problem so he's not going to get involved by replying back.

    Did the seller have a good rating? Did you pay thru PayPal? If you did use PayPal I don't see them being of any help due to the amount of time that's past.

    Here's wishing you the best of luck getting a resolution to this.
  11. jimjamjohnny

    jimjamjohnny Member

    spoke with customer services at ebay, they said oh very sorry we will have a 'word' with him but we cannot tell you what we have done.!!!!!and please try asking the seller again to unblock the phone . i have emailed him everyday,but he has refused to answer any of them, even though in his words he has done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. have checked the sellers account and he is still buying and selling.:confused:
  12. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Why are you so hell bent to have the seller do something about it? From what I'm reading you think he's behind all of this. If the seller were out to scam you I doubt he'd let you use the phone since May then all of a sudden have it blocked.

    If he's a reputable seller, then what is it that you want eBay to do to him? Stop him from selling phones? Does his seller feedback indicate he's robbing other people?

    If after 4 months you were contacting me repeatedly over a phone you bought that was working just fine, I'd find that suspect and not respond to you either; esp if I did nothing wrong and the sale was on the up and up.

    If the phone was originally tied to an account how were you able to activate it on yours? I think your issue and maybe resolution is with your carrier and not the seller.

    Have you tried escalating this up the chain or are you just talking to people in customer service?
  13. jimjamjohnny

    jimjamjohnny Member

    i am hell bent on pursuing the the seller as i am sure he is scamming the insurance company and me.....
    of course he's let me use the phone for 90 days, because then he has covered himself from any comeback from ebay and paypal through their 45/90 day grievence policy they have.if he had nothing to hide why will he not call he's network provider to ask for the barring to be lifted.i would, but then i'm not a scamming thief,where else do i go if the police/ebay/paypal are not interested.if you bought an as new car and it stopped working after 8 weeks.and the garage would not help. would you just shrug your shoulders and say 'oh well' nevermind.....

    a bit confused here
    finally got through to o2 complaints
    they told me the phone has been barred by orange for being lost/stolen.....
    even though when i checked with checkmend it said it was'nt.
    and that i should contact orange.
    this i did, the first person told me nothing could be done unless the previous owner called them,even though ebay have now given me his number,he has not replied to any of my calls....suprise suprise.
    so i called orange again and another chap asked if i had updated the phone(which i had)and said to me that i would need to get the phone unlocked again and not to update it again and it would be fine....this i don't understand,how can unlocking the phone unlock the IMEI number..hoping you wise old owls can help here cos i'm stumped.
  14. dave1812

    dave1812 Well-Known Member

    bummer. I've never bought stuff off of ebay and I doubt I ever will. the closest i've come to ebay is craigslist, as a seller; not a buyer. craigslist has been good to me. :)
  15. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Your 1st & last posts states the phone was reported lost/stolen.
    Your 4th & last posts states they told you it wasn't; also according to your post, you checked yourself and it wasn't.
    You also mentioned the seller said he did nothing wrong so my question now is this.....when you purchased this phone, was it listed on eBay as BNIB or NIB?
    If it was listed as either one then the phone shouldn't have been banned for any reason and you'd have some recourse with PayPal. See if you can get your provider to put it in writing.

    Also, on eBay go to the sellers page. I don't remember how I got there (this was years ago) but there was a way of finding the sellers phone number. If you come across it, give it to your credit card company explaining you've tried everything to get this matter resolved.

    Because of your situation I see why you may think the seller is up to no good but it's still very possible the sale was on the up and up and he did nothing wrong as you stated in a previous post. I don't recall whether or not you checked his feedback. If you did, was/is he (based on feedback and not your opinion) a reputable seller?
  16. jimjamjohnny

    jimjamjohnny Member

    i have made umpteen calls to o2 with various answers
    and very little info.....
    today they told me it has been barred by orange the origional provider and to contact them, this i did and they told me it was reported lost/stolen.
    even though i paid for a check with checkmend that reported back to me that the phone was barred but no report of it being lost /stolen..
    and i would need to contact the seller as only they can unlock it as they obviously
    reported it in the first place,no one else can do this can they.
    after much hassle with ebay they finally gave the sellers home number to me.
    i called, no answer. left a message, no reply. all i asked was for him to contact orange to unlock the phone, thats all. as i've said before if he has done nothing wrong then if your an honest seller then whats a bit of time and a call gonna cost.
    but i have heard nothing. does that not strike you as strange......i can get no recourse from paypal as these fraudsters wait until the 45 day dispute period is over before making their insurance claim. thus i am left with a worthless phone
  17. Sounds like the guy sold it to you, then waited 45 days and reported it stolen, and then scammed insurance too (why else report it stolen).
  18. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Not 45 days. Almost 4 mos of use.
  19. jimjamjohnny

    jimjamjohnny Member

    4 hours,4 days,4 weeks ,4 months it doesn't ****ing matter. the phone has been barred and can only be barred the owner. who then contacts the insurance company to make a claim. it can also only be unlocked by the owner, what is your problem,your not being helpful just a twat......
    why the **** would i block my own phone stupid
  20. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Interesting thought. I never said or implied you blocked your own phone.....those are your words.

    As far as the cussing and calling me names, grow up. I didn't block your phone!
  21. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    SO I am just curious....

    OP: Say you gave me your Note. Now I am in Canada, on Rogers Network - would it work?

    I am just curious about this whole blocking/stolen thing.

    Like - was the seller using the same provider as you? is that why they won't allow it on the system?
  22. xXGalaxyXx

    xXGalaxyXx Member

    The seller sold a phone on ebay, after 4 months he reported the phone stolen and then made an insurance claim for the stolen phone.

    The OP has been scammed.

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