Well, this rooting thing isn't starting out too well...

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  1. BSGPaul

    BSGPaul Member

    Hello, and I have grown tired as fvck with Sprint's holding back of Android 2.1 for the Hero. It's not Windows 8, scale-wise, it's just a patch to upgrade us poor souls from 1.5. Mine is a stock Hero, with only TasKiller downloaded from the market. And today, ROM Manager. Thing is, that has two programs; the regular and premium editions. Do I need the latter to start?

    And when I click open ROM Manager for the first time, I get this error message: "You must root your phone for ROM Manager to function. Superuser was not found at "/system/bin/su" or "/system/xbin/su". Use google search on your computer to find instructions to root your phone.

    And I haven't even started doing a bloody thing with the Hero yet. :(

  2. Squiggy

    Squiggy Well-Known Member

    The error message makes sense, considering you haven't rooted. Go to the first sticky for this forum and follow the directions. Forget about ROM manager. That won't do you any good for now. First you need to root, then you need at least one 2.1 ROM to manage...
  3. alexthearmo

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  4. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

    There is a big a** sticky right here, right at the top of the forums. I suggest you read through it...


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