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  1. Drumminraider204

    Drumminraider204 Well-Known Member

    I recently had to do a hard reset on my phone after downloading locbot. When i went back to re-download all of my apps i could not find the wells fargo bank app any more. Anyone know why it would not be in the market any more?

  2. amd2132

    amd2132 Member

    I noticed this too trying to set up an Eris for a friend... what gives?!
  3. superchaos

    superchaos Well-Known Member

    I just use the wf.com site. Seems better than the app but you have to open the browser.
  4. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    a lot of the bank apps turned out to be scams and google removed them from the app store. the only true banking apps have the banks name as the developer, i.e. bankofamerica which i use. not sure if the wells fargo app was a real one or not as i don't use it.
  5. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    I did a little searching and Wells Fargo has never made an app for Android. What you had downloaded was most likely wellsfargo mobile web 4.4 made by a guy going by the name monseta and it was a scam to deliver ads to your phone thru his web browser and was removed from the app store. He made a bunch of these bogus bank apps. Who knows what data it could have stolen from you.
  6. Mike250

    Mike250 New Member

  7. greenmunky

    greenmunky Well-Known Member

  8. varkie

    varkie Well-Known Member

    I did a search in my market and it is in there and authored by Wells Fargo. Are you using a Custom ROM? Some have problems with the market. I'm using Kaosfroyo v32. Check your market downloads maybe it is still in there. By downloads I mean while in market hit menu and then select downloads.
  9. draconus

    draconus Well-Known Member

    Considering this post was in march: The app was removed since then and Wells Fargo developed and released an official app.

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