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Went to return the Inc4G for the GS3......General

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  1. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    .....and walked out with my Inc4G. I just can't get past TouchWiz. Also, the screen is not good. Way too dim, even at max brightness. Overall, except for screen size, the GS3 simply isn't as good as the Inc4G.

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  2. Drob23

    Drob23 Member

    Out of curiosity, why can't you just use a different launcher, like Nova? What is the benefit to sticking with the stock launcher?
  3. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Based on what I've read on the new Touchwiz, it doesn't sound like I will like it. No contacts widget (which I use more than anything else except for the browser & weather), a "bubbles" theme in the stock messaging app, not having the text align itself with the window when zooming, and a few others. Apparently a lot of people are having issues with the exclusive features on the S3, like Smart Stay not working, or S-Voice being worse than current options in the Play Store, or the palm to do a screenshot not working after a few days, and the WiFi disconnect issue (expecially since I'm on WiFi 90% of the time).

    Like DRob said you can always put another launcher in place of Touchwiz, but with the things I listed above, that also means hunting down a replacement for those as well if I want something similar to Sense. Unless Sense has changed anything for the worse in version 4.0, it's always served my needs. There hasn't really been anything I've seen in another skin and thought "I wish I had that" other than resizable widgets, but ICS apparently has that ability. I like the look of Sense4, it has an elegant and professional look to it. TW in my opinion looks like it was designed for kids and teenage girls.

    At this point the reasons I'm still considering the S3 are having a large screen to view video content (even though handling that large screen is a minus for me), storage capability, extra RAM, battery life (although it seems like they might not be that far off from each other), and just trying a different OEM (even though I'm not a fan of TW, it's not bad to try new things, most of the time).
  4. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    You can load Nova or Apex in 20 seconds so Touchwiz holds no relevance. So you just use 1 reason to pick inc 4g over sgs3: brightness.

    So you could choose brightness OR you can choose:

    2gb of ram
    1.5 ghz processor
    longer battery life
    thinner phone
    better multitasking that doesn't reload apps when you leave them and come back
    more internal space
    more sd card space

    Wow, brightness must be REALLY important to you!
  5. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Another reason for me, is the contact widget. From the sound of it not all launchers support a scrollable contact widget. I use that more than any other thing (browser & messaging are close). But the main reason is ability to use it one handed without dropping it. I already have that issue to an extent on my Rezound, so it's going to be worse on the S3. I tried it in store without a case and dropped it a few times, which means I'd need a case, which makes it bigger still.

    The thinner thing isn't a benefit for me. It's getting to the point where it's like holding a big credit card in your hand. A bit thicker with sloped edges feels better in the hand to me.

    Battery life is subjective. You've got a bigger battery, but you've also got more RAM, a higher clocked processor, & a larger screen with higher resolution. While those are great on paper, they also use more battery. Check out xda, there's quite a few on there who favor the Inc4g over the S3.

    The S3 has more internal storage, but both phones will take a 64gb card (even though it says only 32gb for the Inc4g). People on here have already confirmed it.

    I'm not denying the S3 is a beast, but it may not be for everyone. If they could've went with a 4.5" screen and keep it in the same dimensions as my Rezound, I may have given it a go. But I need to be able to use my phone one handed quite a bit of the time, and for me it just isn't possible with the S3.

    It's almost getting like the GNex vs Rezound from a year ago. Timely updates are nice, but if the connectivity is bad it doesn't do me a lot of good.
  6. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    No, not just brightness. The screen is not good, at all. Nowhere near as good as the screen on the Inc4G. Plus the phone is ridiculously big. Add that to crappy TouchWiz (yes I know I can get around that) and that my past experience with Samsung phones has been borderline at best (Fascinate and Stratosphere, neither mine but on my account), and I just could not justify giving up the Inc4G for it.

    More SD card space? They both support 64GB...so no.
    More internal space? Don't care. I'm not 14 so I don't need 200 stupid games on my phone, and I have a 16GB card for other expansion.
    Thinner phone? Way overshadowed by the other bulbous dimensions of the GS3.
    Multitasking? Hasn't been a real issue so far (but yes, a minor annoyance).
    Battery life? I go to bed with 50%+ battery life. No need for better.
    RAM? Yes, the GS3 has more, but it is my understanding that the RAM on the Inc4G is faster memory.
    Processor? They have the identical processor, but the Inc4G is underclocked to 1.2GHz. Performance seems to be about identical.
  7. jamala00

    jamala00 Well-Known Member

    I see these back and forth posts all the time and you can argue points either way. But truly what does it matter? If the phone you bought is the phone you like and it works for you, why does it matter if you have the phone that somebody else "claims" to be the best. Some one likes the SG3 the other likes the Inc4G, what is the point of going back and forth to which you think is better? Sorry, maybe it's just me, but if you like the SG3 than go on that forum and be productive. This forum is for those who like the Inc4G and want to help each other out...
  8. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    Amen. This isn't XDA.
  9. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Hey, you forgot to list that it's a Samsung.

    DROID_SCOTSMAN Well-Known Member

    I find the brightness statement odd. I came from the OG incredible and really wanted the 4g or the razr HD (really wanted to see what the new nexus would be all about), but it never came out and I was forced to upgrade to spare my unlimited data. I am happy w/ the S3-- there are some things I definitely miss from the HTC, but to say the brightness sucks is strange. I have mine turned to approximately 20% cause I think it is bright enough. Never had any problems, till I go outside in the sun, but a quick dial up to about 50% allows me to see no problem. Many times at night i turn it down very low cause its so bright.

    Like I said, the brightness thing is strange. There are some settings that can be changed, and yes stock browser does an automatic dimming, but I use Chrome and Opera so the brightness doesnt change there.
  11. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    When I went to the VZW store to compare, I figured I'd go into the settings and turn up the brightness to see if I could get it bright enough. I was shocked to see it turned up all the way already. I did notice the native browser dimming feature and turned that off, which helped, but overall I was extremely unimpressed with the screen on the GS3. Since that was the main point of my considering switching, my choice was made very easy. The screen on the GS3 is just nowhere near as good quality as on the Inc4G.
  12. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Well, I ended up going with the S3 (ducks head), but not quite as a phone. I'm going to set it up on my account when I get home & then go back to my Rezound & sell the S3 & put away the money until I find one I truly like.

    While the form factor of the Inc4g is perfect, I didn't like how it handled video. A widescreen YouTube video showed black bars on top & bottom on the S3, but the Inc4g had black all the way around on the same video. So it didn't make use of the screen it had. Plus the one I looked had a helluva time keeping a 4g signal & sometimes couldn't even connect to one. None of the other LTE phones seemed to have this issue.

    So at this point I'm sticking with my Rezound. I'll hold off selling the S3 until the Rezound's ICS update comes through in case it screws up the Rezound. I may pop in from time to time. Hope everyone is liking their phones.

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