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What a great little phoneGeneral

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  1. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    Bit of a tech freak here :eek: I have a HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire and I just bought myself a San Francisco to play with.

    What can I say, it feels like a plastic toy compared with the two HTC devices, very light, mine has the TFT screen, the same as the Wildfire, overall the Wildfire feels and to a degree looks a lot better.

    Now the good part, the screen is much better than the Wildfire, very sharp and clear. The SF also plays HQ You Tube videos, where the WF will not, better still its a doddle to unlock, and its a breeze to remove all the Orange Crap, frees up loads of memory and makes the phone so much faster.

    It is also markedly faster than the Wildfire, loads APPS quicker, (funnily enough my WF now with stock 2.2 seems to lag, opening APPS now)

    The main thing that is so much better is the battery, it seems to be lasting much longer than the WF doing the same things.

    In conclusion, its a plastic feeling, tacky looking, cheap build quality, Orange bloated, stunning fun machine :) BUY ONE, you will not be disappointed !

  2. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Similar story here....had a Desire for a few months and managed to find a SF as my new work phone. Always planned to unlock/root/flash as soon as I got it because my work SIM is on O2.

    Really like the screen! I was unhappy at first - it felt 'rough' and a bit sticky. Then I realised that there was a little adhesive left over from the screen protector packaging, and after a couple of hours it felt as smooth as the Desire.

    So far I'm very happy with the SF, althouh I've only been messing with it for 2 or 3 days. The biggest surprise is the sound quality, much better compared to the Desire.
  3. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    how have you found the battery? i've struggled on light usage
  4. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    It's too early to say, to be honest. I got it last Friday and changed it full, then left it turned on with no SIM inserted, no wi-fi enabled, and only the clock on the homescreen! Used only 5% battery in 3 days which is fantastic, but not exactly a good measure of battery performance :) :) I'll see how it does when I'm using it for work calls after the holiday.

    Today I've had it 'active' for a few hours while I rooted and flashed the new recovery and ROM, then set up widgets etc using wi-fi only. Started at 100% and now it's at 72%, some 15 hours later.
  5. redhedgehog

    redhedgehog Member

    Just got my san francisco the other day.
    New to android and thought that I would give it a go.
    Beautiful machine. I new the battery was going to be rubbish.
    Only prob I have is .... not being able to use it as a phone.
    Still I have no friends to call so it can wait.

    Talk to you all soon.
  6. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    think im going to have to flash another rom, the orange one launches all the orange crap on boot.
  7. BurnCK

    BurnCK Well-Known Member

    You'll likely see increased battery performace by doing this as there's less Orange crap running in the background.
  8. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    To give you an idea, I took all the Orange crap off with the help over at modaco and my SF is at 86% battery after 22 hours, not a lot of use on it, where my Wildfire that has not really been used either except for e mail sync is at 69% after the same time.

    Not scientific, but looks good at the moment

  9. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I wanted a minimalist ROM for the SF, mainly because it's used for work (calls, email and the occasional text) so I don't want or need any of the usual apps or bloatware. I use my Desire for all the fun stuff! ;)
  10. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    I went out brought a TFT screened one a couple of weeks ago (as recommended by a friend). I was pleasantly impress on how good it was for the price but I didn't like the camera (that was wasn't a problem as I already own a camera anyway) & the orange software (I did flash it to get rid of the orange stuff but it ended up messing the phone up, I had to flash it back to orange in the end!!), anyway other that its a great phone!!
  11. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the camera is a let down, but you can't have everything at this price :)
  12. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    what would you guys recommend i check out for low-bloat, nice nippy roms? battery life probably the main concern.
  13. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

  14. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    wow i clicked the link to that bladevillan one, looks like he wont be doing any more!
  15. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    Yeah, kendon did the original BladeVillain ROM and doesn't look like he'll be doing any updates. The customized versions have been done by freekers, based on kendon's origional work. Something obviously happened there....
  16. amg_1969

    amg_1969 Well-Known Member

    Looking good so far, I've been really playing with the SF now, I have not charged it for over two days, watched quite a few YouTube HQ videos, navigation etc, the results so far:

    SF 44% Battery left

    WF 12% Battery left (and I have done nothing with the Wildfire)

    Looks like the SF was a really good investment to use as a "everyday" phone, where i'll keep the HTC for "best" :p

    Andrew :)
  17. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    Man, really struggling to get clockwork mod on there :(

    Any ideas on how to manage it on a Mac?

    Downloaded the fastboot files, put the clockwork image in same folder, opened terminal, ran the command and keep getting command not found
  18. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    wow, lot of googling later of course it was head smackingly easy.

    Mac users have to add "./" (without quotes) to the start of the command.
  19. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member


    rom flashed on fine, but nothing downloads from the market :(

    edit: titanium'd my backed up market app back on, works nice now :)
  20. BurnCK

    BurnCK Well-Known Member

    Which ROM did you use out of interest ? 2.1 or 2.2 ?
    The 2.2 ROM requires you to connect to the Market via 3G only the first time, then it will work with Wi-fi too :)
  21. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    i went for the custombladevillian 2.1,

    After a bunch of awkward issues (like gtalk not loading) i eventually reflashed the same ROM a second time, this seemed to sort out most of the issues! i connected to gtalk/market/sync over 3g the second time just in case...
  22. alfh

    alfh Active Member

    Hi,all how to remove all the orange crap on my new phone thank,s alfh..:):):):):)
  23. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r Well-Known Member

    Many thanks for the help and advice, no exaggeration, battery life has tripled!

    Very pleased!
  24. screamer

    screamer Well-Known Member

    just reserved a grey one for my girlfriend, i'll unlock it (as on O2) with a link on this forum, but whats the best way to get rid of the orange stuff without putting on another ROM?
  25. GX390

    GX390 Member

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