What android handset should I buy?

  1. jonwil

    jonwil New Member

    I am looking for an Android handset with the following specs:
    UMTS 2100 and UMTS 900 support
    Physical keyboard
    At least 2.1, preferably 2.2 (or 2.2 comming soon)
    No signature checks on the firmware (i.e. not like the Milestone)
    Full compliance with all applicable open source licenses for the phone (HTC for example I believe has released kernels for its phones that are incomplete)

  2. peterkin

    peterkin New Member

    maybe you could wait for the rumor HTC G1 Blaze/Vision. Since HTC conference is just around the corner. You can visit this site for more information: mobile.onthecube.com
  3. jonwil

    jonwil New Member

    Given how HTC has taken forever to push kernel source code (and is STILL violating the GPL for a number of devices), buying a brand new HTC device doesn't sound like the best answer.

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