What Android Phone do you use on PPC?

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  1. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member

    Now that there's a Page Plus Cellular section in the forums, let's see what phones people are using on PPC.

    I'm currently using a Droid Eris on PPC and love it!

  2. cbd2f420

    cbd2f420 New Member

    Using Droid Eris thru page plus. upgraded rom with bad 2.1. trying to go back or get verizon update
  3. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member

    What ROM did you try to use that went wrong?
  4. cbd2f420

    cbd2f420 New Member

    Some dl from search engine with same name. roooted now with evil eris!!!!
  5. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    I was using the moment but my charge port broke now im using tha alley both work with web but moment only had 1x not that it matters because pp only gives you 50 megs with the 1200 talk n text plan. thank god for WiFi:D
  6. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member

    Ya Wi-Fi is a life saver. I wish they added more data to the TnT plan but I can't complain too much because it's only $30 a month :)
  7. rina1124

    rina1124 New Member

    There are an Eris, and Incredible and the original Droid on our PPC plans. We all love them. We are about to buy another Incredible and sell the Eris. :D

    I'm also in love with Page Plus; the low fees, the awesome service, and the freedom to BYOD. We have wi-fi at the house and let me tell you, I wear it out!!! The data you get with the plans isn't great, but I use the wifi and I have a widget on my home screen to toggle the data on/off.

    I'm glad to join this forum; you guys all seem great! I have gotten the answer to several Droid question on these forums before joining. Thank you all!
  8. jpzsports

    jpzsports Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums! :) Ya, Page Plus is an awesome deal with excellent service. I wish they had more data but you can't complain for the price. I have an Eris right now and I'm hoping to upgrade to the Incredible too!

    What's the cheapest way to do it? Are you going to get on off of craigslist or ebay? Or buy the phone for the full price without a contract?
  9. LuvnmiDRD

    LuvnmiDRD New Member

    I love my Moto Droid 1. Escpecially on Pageplus... The service is great I've never dropped a call and I can use all the features on my phone. The rate plans are ok but I would gladly pay a little more for unltd data......oh well wifi is my best friend. Except for pic msg. they only dwnld when data is enabled on the phone
  10. google123

    google123 Well-Known Member

    I have used an Eris, an original Droid, and currently use a Droid Pro on PPC. Also use a BB Tour on PPC at this time........but ya'll don't care about a BB right? :D
  11. twcowdery

    twcowdery Well-Known Member

    Droid X

    I have been on PP for four months. Very happy, but I am a light user. PP is saving me money and I don't even come close to using all the minutes, texts or data that I get.
  12. superman8224

    superman8224 New Member

    i have a lg optimus i activated it on page plus but will not do over the air programing how would i get it programed
  13. Chudman

    Chudman Active Member

    Incredible 1 with Gingerbread and rooting added. Works great!
  14. bmuseed

    bmuseed Member

    Nexus S 4G (ICS 4.0.3 -rooted) and LG LX370 on pageplus--only problem is no OTA updates..still hoping for a current pageplus PRL to manually update my phones--hope someone posts that...
  15. twcowdery

    twcowdery Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I got an OTA update to GB on PagePlus. It just didn't come until weeks after Verizon subscribers got it.
  16. bmuseed

    bmuseed Member

    Would you please post your updated PRL?
  17. micallen

    micallen Well-Known Member

    Currently using the Incredible 1 on Page Plus. But I have also used Moto Droid X, X2, Pro, and briefly Droid 2 Global.

    I love the Incredible. The X (and X2) just don't fit well in my pocket... and I am a pocket carrying kind of guy.
  18. yoozdwireless

    yoozdwireless New Member

    I have a Droid 2 Global, HTC Incredible 2 and Droid X2
  19. micallen

    micallen Well-Known Member

    A co-worker of mine just bought an Incredible 2. That's definitely going to be my next phone. NICE phone !!
  20. Ashton2

    Ashton2 Member

    Will the Incredible operate in its original Verizon configuration, without mods?

    I'm using a Samsung Fascinate, and the lock ups are driving me nuts.
  21. OkeeChloe

    OkeeChloe Active Member

    I have a droid x, dinc 2, and casio gzone type s. All work great without any hassle getting them up and running. My x is currently my main phone I like the larger screen, it's easier to see in sunlight and fits in my purse very nicely. No pocket carrying for me.
  22. micallen

    micallen Well-Known Member

    Yes. My family uses 3 of them on Page Plus.
  23. htowler

    htowler Member

    Should since it's Verizon Network.
  24. jdmc

    jdmc Active Member

    LG Ally (VS-740)
  25. schlar01

    schlar01 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone updated to ICS? How would that work if you bought something like the Droid Incredible 2, would you update it before activating the phone? I understand that involves rooting and applying a new ROM, just not sure if that would cause activation problems?

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