What are some basic steps I can do to get more out of my battery?General

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  1. Hi there

    Have only had my X10 mini pro for a couple of days now I have battery on charge atm so that will be the 3 rd time since I got it. I have been playing with the phone abit since I got it trying to get familiar/use to it.

    Is there a few simple things I can do to improve its battery performance? I have reduced the screen brightness from maximum out of the box to about 1/3 rd. I have installed firmware update to 2.1 from 1.6 I have read that can improve battery peformance. I have not used it for youtube or music as yet. Although I'm getting familiar with it atm I have not used it heaps a few calls a couple of emails and maybe max of 10-15 minutes internet browsing. I have only added one app atm a vodafone australia data usage app. I would like to add a battery status app that shows battery percentage remaining eg 98% etc- any goods ones out there? As mine batter seem's to ask me to charge it often eg less than 15% left. I see on the android market apps for battery life extenders I'm just a little hesitant about those as my thinking is they may do more damage to the battery than good? any thought's on these.

    My old SonyE W910i battery was great only had to charge it a couple times a week if heaps of use 3 times a week. :)

  2. babymaddie

    babymaddie Member

    I'm charging mine up at the end of every day - it sure is heavy on battery use. I use it for calls in the day and play on bubble buster, send a few texts - nothing unusual and I'm charging every day almost.
  3. Since I posted this thread I've found that if I use my phone in 2G as opposed to 3G mode I get heaps more out of my battery then and turning down the brightness has helped quite alot. I've read firmware update 2.1 also helps the battery performance but I update from 1.6 to 2.1 the day after I got so I can't compare it.

    So I might get upto 3 days but since doing the above it get two days out of it easy b4 I re-charge it with probally atleast 20% battery left or more, maybe out to 30%. I use it for mainly for calls and sms and a liitle bit of webrowsing and some email.
  4. Shangriblah

    Shangriblah Member

    Yeah, switching off 3g helps a lot as you aren't hammering the data! It's the only option really if you're going to be away from a power source for a few days. I was surprised how significant the difference was when I first tried it. I had 15% left, I was away for a couple of days and the phone didn't end up powering down despite sending texts and making a couple of quick calls.

    The battery life on a small smart phone like x10 minis was never going to be huge. By the sounds of things you already have the power remote installed which is a really useful tool, which can be overlooked by new users. I don't really mind having to charge my phone regularly since I'm in an office, so if my battery is dying before I go home it's not really an issue.
  5. nindy

    nindy New Member

    so how to turn off the 3g?

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