What are some good 3d launcher apps

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  1. kidpakman

    kidpakman Active Member

    Looking for a good 3d homescreen launcher app. i currently have home launcher? (I think) I do like it but, it's not quite as cool as I think it should be. For some reason I just think I'm not done searching. Okay,Okay so the app I have now is the free version. Even so it is pretty awesome. However I am looking for something that carries over into the contact list and other areas. also something that possibly shows all of the homescreens on the one screen and I can spin them and select to enlarge which one I choose. Picky yeah maybe, but i'm sure it's out there. Any suggestions.

  2. diannaalisa

    diannaalisa Member

    I really loved MX Home. It
  3. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    Bought this one a while back
    SPB Shell 3D


    It's very visually pleasing and functions quite well as far as scrolling/overall smoothness when switching screens and the 3D effects.

    I haven't used it since the latest update this past September.
    I know there are other similar launchers out now, but I don't know much about them.
    Overall it looks really freaking cool and is great eye candy, but lacks the functionality of other launchers such as Apex which I am currently using.
    Hope that helped.
  4. luarajakson

    luarajakson Member

    I personally like Home Switcher.

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