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What are some good kids games?

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  1. The K-Zoo Kid

    The K-Zoo Kid Well-Known Member

    My mom is getting my G1 when i get my Galaxy S tomorrow :D and she is with my little sister a lot (who is 7) and she wants a good way to keep her amused. What are some good games for a 7 year old?

  2. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    my daughter likes these

    various puzzles
    toss it
    Drill Panic Free
    Basketball Shot
    Frozen Bubble
    Hit the Penguin

    I'm sure there are countless more.
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  3. The K-Zoo Kid

    The K-Zoo Kid Well-Known Member

    Yeah i figure there are, this should be good for now though :D thanks a lot.
  4. MikeekiM

    MikeekiM Well-Known Member

    My kids love "Shot"... Great puzzle, easy to understand...challenging...and they tell me it is addicting... I have not really personally played it much myself...
  5. TheAndroidWorks

    TheAndroidWorks Well-Known Member

    amazed2, teeter, or labyrinth are a lot of fun and great games for a 7 year old.
  6. zochek

    zochek Member

  7. Going to rejuvinate this thread and see if there are any new games out there since the last post? I'm looking for games suitable for age 2-5. Any ideas?
  8. aidensmith

    aidensmith New Member

    Hello Friends

    My name is Aidensmith.I like play game .I am big fan of all game.I play many game.My favorite game is is Drill Panic Free,Abduction!,Basketball Shot,Car driver etc.I like these game.These are children games.I hope if any child play Basketball shot then he, she, enjoy will with game
  9. kasandra007

    kasandra007 New Member

  10. Lightswarm

    Lightswarm Well-Known Member

    Ski Safari. My 5-year old nephew is extremely quiet lol.
  11. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

  12. fauzil

    fauzil Member

    Try "iMut Kid Puzzle" on play store

    There 2 gameplay :
    1. Puzzle
    2. Connect the dot

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