What are some good rpg Android games?

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  1. McCadi

    McCadi Member

    I recently switched from an iPhone to an Atrix. However, I noticed that the Android market is a bit lacking in the gaming category. (No infinity blade, aralon, final fantasy 1, final fantasy 2, final fantasy 3 (ds version) etc..)
    Are there any good rpg games coming out soon for Android? Thanks! :D

  2. ogrenator

    ogrenator Well-Known Member

    yeah...not even close to Apple in terms of games...but were moving along nicely :D
    The problem is most right now are ports from Iphone/Ipod. But some of the best ones ive played are....

    Crusade of Destiny


    Zenonia II



    Caligo Chaser

    there are others too but im drawing a blank maybe someone else can chime in...
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  3. ogrenator

    ogrenator Well-Known Member

    oh and all the final fantasy games can be played with


    or this...

    personal experience fpse is better but with a monster like the Atrix i dont think it matters much :)
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  4. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I was wondering this myself.
  5. Sombre

    Sombre Well-Known Member

    For a 3D MMO RPG I don't think you can go past Pocket Legends (which is also available on iPhone).

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  6. daveloft

    daveloft Well-Known Member

    Dungeon Hunter 2
  7. J_Droid23

    J_Droid23 Well-Known Member

    Dungeon Hunter 2 and Pocket Legends. Both are very nice.
  8. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    Pocket Legends and both Zenonia games are excellent.
  9. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

  10. mikepic

    mikepic Well-Known Member

    If you like the old school Final Fantasy series you would probably enjoy using an emulator. There are emulators for nearly every console playstation and older. Most play flawlessly too!

    Some old franchises you may enjoy:

    Final Fantasy
    1&2 GBA (4&5 - Remake on a single cart)
    2 SNES (also known as 4)
    3 SNES (also known as 5)
    7&8 Playstation

    Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior)
    1&2 SNES (Remake on a single cart)
    3 SNES
    4 NES
    5 SNES
    7 Playstation (not playable on Droid X Grrrr!)

    Phantasy Star
    1 Mastersystem (use Gearoid)
    2 Genesis
    3 Genesis
    4 Genesis

    Those are my top three favs.

    Lookup one emulator from the creator "yongzh" and select "View More Applications". This guy does an outstanding job with all his emulators! With the pay version you can save/load from anywhere, fast forward, and most support cheats (if you're into that sort of thing) in addition to MANY more options.
  11. daveloft

    daveloft Well-Known Member

    Eternal Legacy was just released for Android from gameloft. Reviews of the iPhone version are ho hum but if your into Japanese style RPG's, it's worth getting.
  12. Mrstickball

    Mrstickball Active Member

    10 posts and no mention of arguably the best JRPG for Android? Better yet its exclusive to Android?


    If you have the $14 to spare, Spectral Souls is available and arguably one of the best available. Its a PSP port of the game of the same name. Its a tactical RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics.
  13. sidebook

    sidebook New Member

    We made RPG called DotQuest. This is not like complicated recent RPG but simple and optimized for smart phone.

    This RPG is getting popular in Japanese Market.
    Now We have preapared English version.
    Please try it.


    If possible, Please give us your comment.
  14. LazerDude

    LazerDude Member

    Wanted to take a chance on Spectral Souls since I loved FF Tactics. $14 is hard to swallow. Going to try out this DotQuest though, looks old school fun.
  15. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    DotQuest seems to be a interesting game. I think I will check it out.
  16. isneer

    isneer Member

    you can check snooker, ESPN cricket and thunder world
    I have played these beautiful games.
  17. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    Spectral Souls is 50% off ($6.99 US) now on Google Play until Jun.1/12. Decided to take the plunge and pick it up at that price. Haven't touched it yet.
  18. Penitel543

    Penitel543 Active Member

    symphony of eternity... :)
  19. Kruncha

    Kruncha Well-Known Member

    I really liked 'Emissary of War' very well polished game - the only downside is it is really short. Good points are: voice acting, witty and cheap(ish).

    I hope by buying this game it will encourage them to make more (and bigger) games in the future.
  20. TheKalle

    TheKalle Well-Known Member

    Zenonia have been my favorite. There's 4 games out. There's more RPG games by GameVil
  21. fredpauling

    fredpauling Member

    Kingsdom Live
    Zenonia 4
    Inotia 3:Children of Carnia
    Monster Galaxy
    Six Guns
    Third Blade
  22. Penitel543

    Penitel543 Active Member

    oh yeah... i forgot, Inotia 3: Children of Carnia is an addictive game too...
  23. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

  24. Ivan2012

    Ivan2012 New Member

    Max Payne
  25. Ivan2012

    Ivan2012 New Member

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