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  1. adien666

    adien666 Well-Known Member

    What are the new features? Like does it have a screen grab or can you customize the widgets in the unlock screen? thanks.

  2. mixerdlb

    mixerdlb Member

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  3. adien666

    adien666 Well-Known Member

    Any idea how to do a screenshot?
  4. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    I think you push the volume button and the camera button simultaneously.
  5. adien666

    adien666 Well-Known Member

    someone told me to press the power button and volume button at the same time and access the screen shot via the status bar? but wont that reboot the phone?
  6. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Look at the ICS user manual---it has the process there. I just can't remember it because I can't think of a reason I would ever want to take a screen shot of my phone.
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  7. seancolon

    seancolon New Member

    For a screen shot, you would click the Power and the Volume down at the same time... The ICS update was just installed today on my phone and it actualy makes me like the phone again!! I was disapointed when my Galaxy s2 updated, as there was not very many noticeable improvements.. But for the Atrix 2 its very vast and so many different features. Absolutley Love the improvements!!!
  8. adien666

    adien666 Well-Known Member

    same here. gave it a whole new look. which should keep happy till i can upgrade!
  9. okbeast

    okbeast Well-Known Member

    I noticed about 600 MB of the ram is used now, vs. around 350 MB with the last OS. Only different thing I've noticed besides the looks so far.
  10. rohitrocks313

    rohitrocks313 Member

    Unfortunately in ICS update there is no option of pinching the screen to get the screen previews as it was on Gingerbread. So thats a very discppointing thing after the upgrade.

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