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  1. ttran97

    ttran97 Well-Known Member

    Now that the 2-year anniversary of the Eris is approaching and a lot of people upgrading to bigger & better phones, what are you guys doing with your Eris? I dumped the Eris last year for an Incredible, and now I'm with the Thunderbolt. My mom currently has my dad's original Eris. We're getting her a new iPhone in the fall (ugh, I know...). It's almost impossible to get any sort of tangible money for the Eris now. I think I'm going to set up TuneIn Radio, Pandora, and use it with Wifi. The Eris will be a pretty decent audio music player, but it's horrible for videos or games. I'll just leave it Eris at my mom's work so she can listen to stuff.

    What is everyone else doing with the Eris? Giving it to a child? Using it as an mp3 player for exercise?

  2. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

    Still using it as my phone, GSB makes it tolerable...can't decide what to get as far as replacement yet since so many of the rumored phones have yet to come out!
  3. nomarsgirl

    nomarsgirl Well-Known Member

    It's my everyday phone. Still the best phone I've ever had.
  4. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

    I'll second that, even with all the problems I've had, this phone hands down is the best I've ever had (compared to 3 different Razrs, and a handful of old Nokia and Samsung phones I've had over the years).
  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I couldn't imagine using the Eris as an everyday MP3 player - it is definitely not its strong suit.

    My Eris will sit in a drawer as my backup phone in case something happens to the one that I upgrade to, which will not be for a few more months at least. Because I want it to be in good working order in case I need to activate it temporarily, it will not be used for anything else.
  6. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    My beloved, little ole Eris has been my backup / development device since July 15th of last year.

    Its been very handy to have it to test my apps under difference screen sizes, hardware specs, different ROMs, etc. It is also my emergency backup, just in case...

    Also, I learned a ton in doing the whole trackball-optional Amon_RA custom recovery thing (flashing a new version the first time was really scary and really cool--even cooler when the other keys worked ;)).

    I will have and use my Eris for as long as it still boots. I might only use it every couple of weeks, but its still an awesome little device.

  7. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    I upgraded to an Incredible 2 - two weeks ago...I still carry my Eris...just in case :) Just in case of what, I have no idea! I absolutely loved my Eris, it will kept as a backup...just in case :)
  8. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i'm waiting for a dual-core, rootable phone, or a Verizon Nexus-family.
    don't care about "4G"(LTE).

    but as others are saying, it will become a backup phone for the just in case.
  9. WinnieThePwn

    WinnieThePwn Active Member

    My contract is up in August (got mine late...)

    I'm thinking about heading over to AT&T. Verizon is so freaking expensive. I'm sure they'll be willing to save me a few bucks for being a convert. My dad & sis have ridiculously good plans with them.

    Never needed a backup phone, but I guess I'll keep it. I always hand my old phones over to my stepmom, but she gave in to the iphone.
  10. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Its actually pretty damn good at it, provided you use a decent media player app like Winamp (stock one is too basic for me). Much better than my iPod Touch was at least. No more having to wait to get home to add music to it. Almost 1000 songs so far.

    Now that I have Gingerbread on it, I can use the DSP Manager to enable bass boost and use an equalizer. It can do full length movies as well.
  11. ttran97

    ttran97 Well-Known Member

    I actually have an old Motorola W755 phone as my backup phone in case I drop my Thunderbolt or it gets damaged somehow. It's just a basic flip phone from like 2008, but that thing's battery lasted like a week!
  12. Pitamakan

    Pitamakan Well-Known Member

    Still happily using it, running Condemned's CM7 ROM. The Eris works great, and I'm not going to be in any rush to upgrade when my contract is up in September.
  13. T-Keith

    T-Keith Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping I can get $100 for mine, it's in great shape, and I'd like to offset the price of the used Dinc I bought. I'll probably put it up on Swappa or Ebay. There are still a lot of people the Eris will work great for.
  14. Kid Twist

    Kid Twist Well-Known Member

    My Eris is still my daily driver, but I will replace it as soon as Verizon offers a phone I actually want.

    I currently have a couple of apps on the Eris that I use to control my media server/home theater setup. So when I get a new phone, I'll keep my Eris and those apps and use it on my home wi-fi as a remote control.

    Maybe I'll also use it to quickly check sports scores and weather.
  15. grvthang

    grvthang Well-Known Member

    I'm still using my Eris; when I retire it, I expect to use it to stream music from my computer (using Audiogalaxy to stream iTunes) or from the Amazon cloud to my living room stereo via wifi.
  16. Basshead89

    Basshead89 Member

    Mine is Retired.

    All it is now is a XBMC remote for my media center.
  17. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I must be subconsciously ready for a new phone; I misplaced it twice on Sunday. Including once in a parking lot at a highway rest stop, where it was turned in to the Burger King inside by an apparently very nice, honest person.
  18. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Whoa! That would freak me out!

    Did you think of pushing "Plan B" to it to locate it? (I played with doing that just this morning...works really well. After you push it from market.android.com, you just text "locate" to your phone and you'll receive a Gmail message with its location in a few minutes. I was even inside a building and it worked great.).

    lol... If I ever find a misplaced Eris, I'm gonna root it and overclock it first before returning it :eek: :D :).
    (just kidding, of course...but the thought makes me chuckle ;))
    You think the owner would notice? :D ;)
  19. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

    I just got mine like 2wks ago. For $47 off of eBay. I'm not an early adopter. :)

    Liking it very much on Page Plus Cellular.
  20. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Whoa, that looks interesting! I guess I heard about that before, but I forgot about it.

    The first time, I had a good idea where the phone was, and I was right. The second was a bit upsetting. I do have Mobile Defense on the phone, but that didn't help much, as the only internet device I had with me was the phone and my nieces' feature phones. The other thing, of course, was that this was a very busy highway rest area. Knowing that the phone was there would not have helped all that much. I knew it was either there or driving away.

    Yes. The owner would notice that suddenly the phone works. ;)
  21. roscuthiii

    roscuthiii Well-Known Member

    That's personal...
  22. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    Just upgraded to the Inc2 yesterday, I suppose I will see what I can get on eBay for my Eris. It was a slow phone, but I never needed to get it replaced.
  23. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Dude, you still have one of the most interesting (at least to me) and coolest avatars that I've seen. Never seen anything else like it.

    Mayan, perhaps?

  24. CXXV

    CXXV Well-Known Member

    Traded in and got $130 on a new D2G.
  25. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    No, not Mayan ... not sure what it is to be honest. I am a big Vikings fan and I came across this image one day. It has a viking helmet on it and I added some purple into it and added the background. I looked on my pc, couldnt find the original ... but did find it with the purple added ... feel free to use it for anything ...

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