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What are your favorite movies

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  1. amk2795

    amk2795 Well-Known Member

    The Virgin Suicides (<3 <3 Kirsten Dunst/Sophia Capolla)
    The Nightmare before Christmas
    Grease (sue me)
    Pee Wee's Big Adventure
    The 40 Year Old Virgin

    I'm such a kid oh my god..

  2. 2003vstrom

    2003vstrom Well-Known Member

    transformers 1,2,3
    top gun
    Bruce almighty
    pearl harbor
    flags of our fathers
    HBO series Band of Brothers
  3. rosejasmin

    rosejasmin New Member

    My favourite movies are
    Saw 3D
    Final destination 5
    Kung fu panda 2
    Harry potter
  4. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

  5. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    ...uh,...anybody seen THIS movie?...heh heh..
  6. pinkelephants

    pinkelephants Member

    Star Wars
    LOTR (Cant wait for The Hobbit)
    The Lost Boys
    The Departed
    Pans Labyrinth
    Generation Kill (its a mini-series, but still)

    & lots more that I cant think of off the top of my head.
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  7. geranimo

    geranimo Member

    shawshank redemption,shane,bucket list.
  8. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

  9. LilacBleeds

    LilacBleeds Well-Known Member

    I'm going to say mine again :D

    Pride and Prejudice (TV series which is a full DVD)
    The Girl Next Door
    All Harry Potter DVDs
    Mean Girls
    Drop Dead Gorgeous
    Get A Clue
    The Parent Trap - Lindsay Lohan one
    All the Scream films :D
  10. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    ...okay.. :0|
  11. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Just to name a few...

    The Book of Eli
    The Departed
    Black Like Me
    Saving Private Ryan
    The Brother from another Planet
    Bingo Long and his All Star Motorcade
  12. TampaAndroid

    TampaAndroid Member

    way to many to choose.

    Pulp Fiction is up there. And the Aviator.
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  13. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    Aviator was a great movie
  14. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    I didn't even know they made a second one.
  15. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I'm a movie buff like you cats, same problem, too many to list.

    A great sleeper is Ghost Dog. Good Night and Good Luck is fabulous.

    All time favorite would be a Humphrey Bogart film. Pick one, I'll probably agree. Or Jimmy Cagney. Or...
  16. Snedd

    Snedd Well-Known Member

    Well Casablanca must be a contender for greatest movie ever.

    Some other favourites:

    The Usual Suspects
    Once upon a time in America
    Blade Runner
    The Exorcist
  17. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Just saw "the fighter"

    Wow, what a great movie.
  18. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    I really enjoy The Godfather, Goodfellas, and Fight Club. Not sure if any of those are my all time over the top favorite, but I'll watch em every chance I get.

    Also, the entire Evil Dead series is pure cinematographic gold. :D
  19. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Ghost Dog is a cool movie. I though I was the only one who had seen it lol.
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  20. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands VIP Member

    Just saw the fighter for the first time. Awesome movie.
  21. Rooferkev

    Rooferkev Well-Known Member

  22. Italo

    Italo Well-Known Member

    Original Star War Trilogy
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The Big Lebowski
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    The Sandlot

    I think I better stop here...
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  23. saptech

    saptech Well-Known Member

    Yes, too many over time to list, but I can list a few more of mine...

    The Watermelon Man, In fact I saw it on TV yesterday.
    Johnny Cool, one of the first real gangster movies.
    The Green Mile
    Lady Killers, with Tom Hanks
    Danny the Dog, with Jet Li
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Harlem Nights
    Coming to America
    My Name is Nobody
  24. Names Mark

    Names Mark Member

    - La bamba
    - A Bronx tale
  25. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Well, I'll list the ones that, for me, have the best repeat viewing qualities:
    Dazed and Confused
    The Dark Knight (can't wait for Rises!)
    All of the Indiana Jones
    Return of the Jedi (like em all, but this is my fave)
    No Country for Old Men

    That's all I'll put up for now. I love movies; lately just watch the indie ones. Black Swan and The Descendants being two of my favorites.

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