What Bluetooth Car Receiver For Galaxy S4?Tips

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  1. AlaskanRainbows

    AlaskanRainbows New Member

    I don't have a big budget. I live primarily on Social Security Disability, but do have a part time job I go to when I'm able. I never thought I'd have to learn how to use a telephone again when I was over 60 years of age. Nor learn to drive again, I swear that toilet paper display was going to fall over even if I hadn't tapped it with my Electric Geezer shopping cart.

    I have a 1997 Subaru Outback station wagon with a gazillion miles. But it runs, and it is a KICKASS vehicle for where I live, Alaska. I bought it used and it has a JVC stereo in it now.

    But I was given a Samsung Galaxy S4 by a person I did some free tech work for. Fixed a couple of his computers and setup a Network that allows he and his wife to access whatever wherever.

    One HELL of a gift eh?

    Anyway I bought an iBolt dock to hold the phone but REALLY want to get a car receiver that not only connects using Bluetooth but allows me to make use of the majority of the Galaxy S4's features.

    One I've considered is a Sony MEX-BT3100P."Bluetooth Receiver with App Remote"

    Cue the Angels to sing in the background.

    Anyway I can get one of these for under $100 at BB.

    I would be VERY grateful f I could get some informed suggestions on this or other units for $150 or less. As I'm disabled I don't think I can pull the old head out and put the new one in myself and labor here in Anchorage is expensive. About $120 JUST to put the receiver in the dash.

    I've been lurking around this Forum for a while and am under the impression there are some REALLY well informed folks here.



  2. jjmstang

    jjmstang Member

    Just a friendly bump back to the top :)

  3. AlaskanRainbows

    AlaskanRainbows New Member

    Thanks! I went and bought the Sony for $96 at BB but they hit me with $85 to install it. TWO WEEKS FROM NOW. Here in Alaska it's the time to install auto starts. Wish I could afford one!

    Where is the BEST place to mount a microphone?
  4. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

  5. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    If I were you I would not install a permanent fixed system in the car. There are portable ones that mount on your visor like products from Blueant. You can search for an older model on ebay for as little as $15.

    If you want something a bit more versatile - you could go for a Wowee One Gel Audio speaker that runs off bluetooth and is normal for kick-ass sound. It also has a built in mic and can be used in the car for hands free, but it's normal use is portable sound that uses hollow wallm or window or whatever surface to enhance the bass.

  6. Lord Melbury

    Lord Melbury Active Member

    Hi AlaskanRainboes,

    I have had a Similar Sony head unit. I have been told by the recipients of my calls that my sound quality was very poor. The Sony I had maybe much like the one you are mentioning has a built in microphone in the front of the head unit this also picked up lots of road noise. My advise to you as i was advised was to buy one with parrot technology inside much like the "Alpine CDE-133BT CD Tuner with Parrot Bluetooth" this purchased from Halfords at around

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