what browser do you use?

Which browser do you use as your primary browser?

  1. Stock browser (Chrome)

    73 vote(s)
  2. FireFox

    7 vote(s)
  3. Skyfire

    1 vote(s)
  4. Dolphin HD

    43 vote(s)
  5. Opera

    2 vote(s)

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  1. Raptor912

    Raptor912 Well-Known Member

    What browser is everyone using on their XOOM? Currently, I am using Dolphin, but want to hear others thoughts on Chrome, Fire Fox, Stock, xScope...

  2. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    The best I have found do far is Dolphin HD (even thou it crashes from time to time). If the stock browser would allow desktop mode without (about:debug) I would always use it instead
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  3. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    added a poll.

    personally i use the stock (chrome) browser as it looks the best.

    from there i use skyfire and then firefox is last. ive read more CONs with dolphin that PROs so its not currently in my lineup. i may re-evaluate this later.

    as these browsers mature and get acclimated to honey, i may push firefox first over skyfire and may end up once the dust settles on Chrome followed by firefox.
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  4. androidguy65

    androidguy65 Well-Known Member

    I will stay stock. I love the quick controls
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  5. dvandam

    dvandam Well-Known Member

    Stock keeps crashing randomly on me so I'm trying out dolphin HD . I was going to try the new Firefox but it has bad reviews and no flash support for some arbitrary reason.
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  6. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    mostly dolphin but i use the stock one at times too.. anyone try the new firefox?
  7. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    New Firefox does NOT support Flash. So that's a no go for me
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    in my post up there i mentioned i use firefox.

    it supports html5 and flash is coming later. its better than it was a few months ago but not much. there are many plugins for FF and thats good. i like it but prefer skyfire over it first. i have all 3 installed currently... dont waster your time on FF now.. maybe in a month...
  9. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    Stock, its a nice browser. I have FF and when they fix it a bit I might go there.
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  10. bgrutter

    bgrutter Well-Known Member

    Don't see any mention of Opera. I've been going back and forth between Stock and DHD. I used to use Opera on my old BB phones. On my DInc, I use DHD almost exclusively. I did use Miren for a while, its actually rather fantastic. The main reason I stopped was because I prefer the DHD Widget.

    Anyway, anyone been using Opera or Miren?
  11. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    ive seen a few members on another forum speak on opera. its the worst of the bunch. not ready for honey...
  12. bgrutter

    bgrutter Well-Known Member

    I'm using Miren right now. Just for a second, but it seems stable enough. One of my favorite features is the is that you can swipe from left to right to go back and again right to left to go forward. Also, it keeps pages logged in memory, so it's very quick at reloading previous pages. I guess I'll give it a go. I will say that the Home page is definitely not optimized for tablets, but that's hardly a big deal.
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  13. bgrutter

    bgrutter Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, though Miren has some nice features, it's not ready. Many many FCs.
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  14. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    I only need to do the about :debug once. Set to desktop then enter about :debug to close the debug mode. Stock chrome load desktop pages since.
  15. DroidSlave300

    DroidSlave300 New Member

    I use the default browser because it works with Flash. I had both Dolphin and Firefox installed on my Xoom, but Firefox doesn't support Flash so FAIL, and Dolphin crashes too frequently to be of any real business use so again FAIL. I realize that the Xoom is relatively new as is Honeycomb, but the Android OS is not and this kind of flaky behavior is simply not acceptable. I hope that Google starts to fill in the gaps for the Xoom, I really like it and am doing all I can to replace my laptop with the device but simple things like printing and documents are problematic or I have to invest in pricy 3rd party options that aren't always complete solutions.
  16. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I'm torn. I mostly use stock. I have an online class that uses Blackboard, and there are basically 3 panes for the lectures. The stock, Skyfire, etc. all divide the 3 panes for me, and I can't really interact with them correctly as far as scrolling and resizing. Firefox handles it beautifully, but of course the lectures have embedded flash, so that doesn't really help.
  17. bgrutter

    bgrutter Well-Known Member

    lol. I'm sorry, but the irony is just a little hard to not laugh at. I'd probably try every single browser out there for it until I found one that worked, and then just create a direct shortcut for your Home Screen. That way, you don't have to pick that as your standard browser of choice, but when you need it, there it is. Just Copy/Paste the URL and try it in each of the following:
    Stock (Mobile, iPad, Desktop)
    Dolphin (Standard, Mini, and HD - Mobile and Desktop)
    FireFox 4
    Opera (Mini and Mobile)
    There are a couple other floating around.
  18. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    Isn't it annoying though? :D And I'm laughing, cause I have a circle launcher on my front page that has only links to browsers, and I use different ones for different tasks. I should try some more though. I've heard Dolphin crashes a lot.

    My favorite thing about the stock browser is the quick links half circle thingy- can't think what it's called. What a great idea!
  19. jl82

    jl82 Member

    I tried the new firefox last night, and within maybe 2 minutes it was taken off. Very buggy, no flash support. Its simply just not ready yet and im surprised mozilla released it?
  20. ghodzilla5150

    ghodzilla5150 Well-Known Member

    The thing with Dolphin is that (for me anyways) it only Force Closes After I shut it down and try and restart it again. It will ask for a Force Close then to start normally. When it's up and running it's pretty stable. I have not had it FC when up and running. I have left it open in the background, clicked on the Dolphin icon and it fires right up no issues ( I have done this overnight). I use Chrome To Phone (with Opera 11 on my desktop) and it works perfectly.
  21. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    Interesting, the Phandroid app does that to me. Fine while I'm using it, but if I go back into it, it FCs, then opens fine.
  22. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    This happens to me too. What I do is when I'm finished I hit the menu button then exit. When i reopen, it opens normaly.
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  23. mistamista2000

    mistamista2000 Well-Known Member

    I've tried them all and I'm with Dolphin HD. It crashes here and there but it shows perfect desktop pages while in landscape, supports flash, and the pictures don't appear to be slightly pixalated like when using FF.
  24. ODog2323

    ODog2323 Well-Known Member

    What are some of everyone's experiences with different browsers? So far, I'm finding the stock browser far too unstable and herky jerky...
  25. xxraffyxx

    xxraffyxx Active Member

    Using and loving the stock browser.
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