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What can be put on SD cards on the Note 2?General

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  1. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Seeing as how the 16GB is the only flavor to pick from, our options are bleak at this point. I have been holding out for the 64GB, at the very least the 32GB, models to become available. Seeing as how I REALLY want this phone, I'm very tempted to just bite the bullet and get the 16GB model. I have a 64GB microSD card which will help boost the storage capacity however, I know that a lot of apps cannot be copied onto the card unless the phone is rooted.

    So, what files are you allowed to put on the SD card? Since I'd only be working with 16GB onboard memory, all of that space would be dedicated to apps and such however, I'd use the SD card for things like movies/music/photos/etc. Can all those files be put on the SD card without any issues? Just trying to figure out if my 16+64GB configuration will work. Aside from the apps, what kind of data can't be transferred to the SD cards?

  2. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Media. As much media as your sd card can hold.....pics, movies, music.
    I use internal storage for apps only.
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  3. bamhm182

    bamhm182 Well-Known Member

    I've been able to get by with 16 GB on my Nexus S 4G with non-upgradable storage for a long time with no problem, so you'll be fine. I was thinking about holding out for a 32 or 64 GB version as well, but I decided to bite the bullet and order the 16 GB version as soon as I saw it was available for the reason that memory was never really an issue with my current phone. I didn't use my current phone for non-streamed media though.

    Like Scandal, I'm planning on using the 16 GB internal only for apps, and then the 64 GB memory card, once I get one for media. You can put whatever you want on the microSD card.
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  4. h1r0ll3r

    h1r0ll3r Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies. Still on the fence as to whether i should just get the 16GB or wait a bit longer and see if the 32/64GB ones come out. I am an app hoarder so I do tend to fill up my device with oodles of apps. And I take lots of pic/vids with my phone so I'm worried that the space of the 16GB would fill up pretty quickly.

  5. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    Seriously 16GB is absolutely plenty for apps. As long as things like the camera and any apps that save large files save to the external card and that's where you keep all your media files you are sorted. I had apps coming out of my ears on my Note 1, none of which I moved to the external card, and it didn't hit half full.
  6. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    I've got 110 apps on mine with 6.2gb free space on the phone. Some chunky apps on it too!!!

    Bit miffed you cannot moved apps to SD like the note though
  7. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    This. I have the 32GB Galaxy Nexus and at this point nearly a year later, I have about 16GB free from the total usable 28. I have a ridiculous amount of apps, (484) and a good number of pictures on this device. Maybe 200 mp3s.

    I think with a 64GB MicroSD card in the Note 2 you'd be fine. They really should just release a base 32 or 64 model and let you choose your price point. Internal storage is NOT expensive these days. Delaying things is kinda pointless and probably loses customers, but perhaps they bank on the fact that you'll hold out for the Nexus device or another Verizon exclusive like the HTC.
  8. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    Now the real question is, can you set all your camera photos to be stored to the MicroSD card without root?

    As for apps, doesn't Apps2SD still work without root? I used to use that on my HTC Tbolt, the OG Droid, Droid X and Bionic.
  9. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    doesnt work on N2 without root but yes you can set camera pics to memory card...thankfully!
  10. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    My suggestion--Go get the 16GB Note 2 and 32 or 64GB card--you'll be golden. If the Note 2 did not have expandable storage then I'd wait for one with larger internals. I don't have any sources but it appears that 16GB is it. I have a feeling we're not going to see more than that merely because you can use a larger sized card.

    To you app hoarders....ya'll crack me up; but in a good way. I used to be like that. Phone was full of every app somebody or a blog would recommend. Some of these apps were so atrocious it made me realize that the suggester couldn't have possibly used it--more than likely they were just trying to promote an app for a dev.

    So those 400-500 useless apps became 50-100 useful apps. And besides, what are the chances someone is really using 700 apps. Just thinking of that makes my head hurt. :p
  11. SilverGS

    SilverGS Active Member

    For those of you that have bought the microSD cards, which brand and specific model do you recommend.

    I want to get something that is reliable and will not go left on me when I'm shooting a video for instance.
  12. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of games but the core APPS I use are much less. It will be less again on the Note 2 as I go through and only keep the best of the best.

    As for cards...go for a Class 10 64GB Sandisk MicroSD.
  13. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Mine are Sandisk 32GB Class 10. On sale at BB a few months ago. Currently loaded with 7 movies, 9 audio books & a lot of music.
    My music is also stored in the cloud but I much prefer to have it locally for when WiFi is unavailable.
  14. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    The camera can be set to automatically save all photos and videos to the SD card, music and movies can be put on the SD card, comics can be on the SD card, and I use Pocket Casts, and there is an option to save podcast files on the SD card. So 11GB for apps isn't nearly as small as you think it is.
  15. N6EAJ

    N6EAJ Well-Known Member

    I bought the same card last night after I pre-ordered a Note 2 on ATT. I have been running the class 6 Sandisk 64GB uSD card on my Note 1 (class 10 wasn't out when I bought it), but the price on the class 10 is down to $60 so I decided to go for that one.
  16. Buckeyeken

    Buckeyeken New Member

    So what's all the rumors I hear that a Class 4 card is better than a Class 10 for the Note ?
  17. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    The higher the class the faster it read/writes. Class 4 is sufficient for the Note.
  18. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    I got lucky and bought the SanDisk 64gb class 10 for $43 when it was on sale. They have definitely gotten cheaper these days!
  19. Buckeyeken

    Buckeyeken New Member

    Thanks Edlex ,i was aware of the speed ratings on the cards , but I was reading on other posts that the 10 class wasn't performing as good as the 4 class. It doesn't sound right to me , that's why I asked for myself to see if this was something somebody has experienced themselves .
  20. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Not into testing speeds but I have a PNY class 10 16gb card and its never shown any lag/slow speed and that goes for the two Galaxy S2 phones I had also.
  21. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    You got that right. My SanDisk 32gb card was over/close to $100 two years ago.
  22. Scorpio001

    Scorpio001 Active Member

    I think the Note 2 will change one's usage behaviour as well. I use an iphone 4s and very unlikely to download my Zinio mags or Kindle books to the iphone. But with the Note 2, i could see myself reading mags and kindle books, therefore 16Gb may run out sooner than you think.
  23. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Can your mags and books be read from the card?

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  24. Pioneer74

    Pioneer74 Well-Known Member

    For those that have put SD cards in their Note 2, do pictures go directly to the card, or do they stay on the internal storage?
  25. Scorpio001

    Scorpio001 Active Member

    Based on what i've read so far, the app's data (except for photos, music) goes into the internal memory.

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