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  1. ruocco52

    ruocco52 New Member

    So my old phone broke, so I did some research to find the Galaxy S3 was out and was getting great reviews. I've had plenty of smart phones before, but I don't see why this is so special? I'm struggling to find any good threads or videos on cool things that this phone can do. Can someone please tell me some of these features I must be over looking?

  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    The thing that got my attention was the pop up play app that allows you to watch video and perform other tasks while keeping the video on the screen.

    After reading about that I found and installed super video on my Nexus which does the same thing.
  3. ruocco52

    ruocco52 New Member

    Is it an app or a widget?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    The video app can be sort of put into a window which you can hover over other apps. If you have a Samsung tablet, this equates to their "mini apps" which you have for example a window of your calculator as you work on a spreadsheet or something. Its like windows where you can have a video player window hovering over your browser.

    Then there's smart stay, where the screen wont dim or turn off as long as you are looking at it.

    And the other thing that's so special is that along with the HTC One X, its probably the most powerful phone out there (international market).
  5. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Ruocco52, welcome to Android Forums :hello:

    1. I moved your thread into the SG3 section so the community can better answer your question.

    2. Cool thread here that will answer your question in part: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/586529-what-can-you-do-s3-you-cant-iphone.html

    3. My opinion (in general): It's not that it can do different things than other smartphones, but what it does it does better than other smartphones. But there are a few new features that other phones don't do like Smart stay, S Voice, S Beam, etc. Check them out here: Samsung GALAXY S III
  6. scooter1942

    scooter1942 Well-Known Member

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  7. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    NFC Tec-tiles
    Play games with a wireless Sony ps3 controller
    Pop-up play video
    2GB of RAM
    Big HD screen
  8. Funnyusername

    Funnyusername Well-Known Member

    The most impressive part of the phone is the hardware. The processor is extremely fast. The phone screams though tasks. The nice big screen is great. It has a decent camera and Touchwiz has made some nice improvements.

    The phone is loaded with features. Although not all of them are great, it has some useful ones.

    Its just a well rounded phone. Hard to find a phone with this many good qualities on the market right now.
  9. phillyphill39

    phillyphill39 Active Member

    Yeah nothing beats pulling out your ps3 controller at work and playing gta 3 on your phone. :thumbup::D
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  10. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    It's so fast it can do anything :D

    And the battery life is excellent for an Android device.
  11. NoMoreSymbian

    NoMoreSymbian Well-Known Member

    I've heard it can even make phone calls!! :p
  12. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

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