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  1. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member

    I havent seen or found a clear answer on this forum or any other, but seeing that this appears to be a very helpful forum, and very limited on elitist jerks, I am hoping that by posting here I can get real help.

    When Froyo came out, I followed a link to XDA and followed the guide for radio and Froyo updates. Now that there is a newer version and my phone has been buggy since doing all that I would like to take it to the next step.

    I used Unrevoked 3.1 IIRC but not Unrevoked Forever. Applied the radio update and then the leaked 2.2. I do have Clockworks Recovery... Having done things this way, looking for the best way to upgrade and also remove unwanted apps, keep root and learn more about this hobby.

    I have read many threads on different ways to remove City ID and other unwanted apps. Is there a published guide that I have missed that will literally walk me thru, provide good links to files and keep me from bricking? I would love to keep root, have the most update OTA or RUU and be able to delete the useless undeletable apps it comes with... I really dont want a custom ROM or Kernel, just a good stable OS, and the ability to make my phone my own.

    Not an idiot here, but def a noob to Android and smart phone tweaking/hacking. Just wishing there was a guide that went something like Open BasicH 3.2, Click the camera icon, save image, wipe back to 26 updates and run script: SumminStealth... and just in case, keep the unlooper handy with that last image file handy...

  2. DizkoDan

    DizkoDan Well-Known Member

    First, Welcome.

    There's a sticky at the top of this forum with links to a few guides. I've also got a few on my site in my sig. People here will generally be very helpful as long as you try to help yourself.
  3. ArkDroid

    ArkDroid Member


    I appreciate the response.

    Where I am stuck is that I have the leaked OTA at 2.2 and rooted, not rooted at 2.1 and no update. I dont see anything that applies specifically to this. I dont care much about the installed apps that I have, easy to download through the market and reinstall. I just would like to retain root, have the ability to uninstall useless stock apps and be at the most current release (that isnt a custom ROM or build).

    I belive there is more than one option that would apply to me but seeing that the phone itself is rather expensive and not wanting to create a fancy digital paperweight I would like to know I am choosing the right option before I begin.

    I have read through many posts on several forums and I havent seen anything that really applies to my phone status. Not saying the answer isnt there, maybe I missed it or maybe even overlooked it.

    I really appreciate those that have taken time to create guides, post videos etc... especially XDA and Unrevoked.

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