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  1. liquidmonkey

    liquidmonkey Well-Known Member

    am seriously looking at getting a galaxy tab 10.1 (the newer thin one) but i'm just curious what it is that people do with their tablets.

    so far, i only see people surfing the net or playing games on their tablets.
    so i'm curious as what actual owners say that can be done?

    thanks for any responses :)

  2. mitchmoney1

    mitchmoney1 Well-Known Member

    I use mine as you said before, Internet surfing and games... But as soon as school starts for me, I'll use it as my laptop. Lol
  3. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    So far, I'm still getting used to HC. The sizable and interactive widgets for Gmail and Twitter/Facebook are great for getting quick updates for that info. In addition, weather updates right on the screen for daily and weekly outlooks. The browser takes a lot from Chrome and tabbed browsing is fantastic (depending on your wifi connection). However, I have to say HC really needs a lot of work but I think it'll get there. Most apps are fine (some have problems scaling), and gaming is fun on the larger screen. Netflix works great. What I have to say, though, is that tablets are still in their infancy and are priced much higher than a comparable netbook running a legit operating system. (even good W7 laptops can be had for this price) I'd say unless you need something with a larger screen than a smart phone primarily for consumption, wait for prices to come down and for Android to get better. That being said, I absolutely love my 10.1!
  4. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    If your trying to compare everyday tasks for a tablet vs a pc, the pc is always going to be the most convenient due to the keyboard factor and mouse. A tablet is basically a touch screen netbook w/no keyboard and has widgets.

    Things that I do with my tablet:
    *Surf the web
    *Check email
    *Check my social networks
    *Games sometimes
    *Constant Customization
    *View home security webcams when away from home

    I do love my tab 10.1.
  5. scanman

    scanman Well-Known Member

    I like having SKYPE on it. Easier than cranking up pc and easier to hold too.

    Netflix is nice.

    Docs to go.




  6. s_special

    s_special Well-Known Member

    And this is why i bought a transformer. Mouse and keyboard are recognized immediately when docked. When undocked it becomes a great tablet
  7. qtm

    qtm New Member

    Media center remote (put the arc keyboard normally residing on the coffee table in a drawer)

    The usual plethora of casual internet tasks. Emails, social media, etc.

    Skype (the build-in microphone is pretty good for using the SGT as conference phone) - will be really sexy when SGT gets tablet optimized skype app and video chat.

    Remoting to MC from work (can look at TV guide and schedule recordings). On my home network it is fast enough to stream MC content. Giving me access to anything the W7-based MC PC can do. If I had more than 1Mbit upload I could probably do this from work as well.
    A bit of a novelty, as I might as well turn on the TV, but it does keep the room quiet so I do not disturb my wife.

    Remote to office PC. Lets me do any type of presentation without lugging my laptop around. I would have preferred analog video out, but luckily all our projectors in the office has HDMI ports.
    Also lets me remote to the office PC from home. So I do not have to bike 30km/day with a 4kg laptop.

    My 3yo kid plays games on it. It is large enough that you can tell her it has to stand on the table while she plays. So less chance of dropping than when she use the smartphones.

    But seriously, tablets right now are gimmicky gadgets. Unless you have money to spend, it is not worth it.
    They are not practical enough to replace a good work PC/laptop and they cannot replace a phone.
    I see a future in people downsizing their phones when they bundle with tablets. A dumbphone tethered to a tablet could be an interesting combo. But there is a lot of hurdles to cross before that becomes interesting.
  8. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't replace my PC completely, but I have replaced my laptop with a tablet.

    I use it for homework (online classes with the browser, docs to go for homework, etc), remote into my PC, of course things like web browsing, games (my hisband liked the N64 emulator a lot), cheacking weather (the accuweather app is awesome), reading (I use my Nook for books, but my tablet for magazines, any books with pictures, things like that), listening to music, watching movies, social networking.

    Really there's not much I can't do that I did on my laptop. We travel a lot, including driving, and it's been amazing for that, especially the car rides. I have an Eye-Fi card for my camera (I'm kind of a hobby photographer) so I can upload pictures directly to it, no accessories needed. It's also great for Google maps while you're travelling, much easier to use than on a phone if you're looking at your route or whatever.

    But yeah, while I definitely still use my desktop, I've pretty successfully replaced my laptop.
  9. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    I use my tab for: major apps in bold

    1. Gmail accounts
    2. Manage my free google apps domain and family Email accounts
    3. Google Voice-ported my smart phone voice mail to google voice
    4. google talk video and text chat
    5. google +
    6. Contacts and calender
    7.Google earth
    8. google music
    9. Use it as a phone via GoovIP and the free google voice number
    10 Google Maps
    11. Google navigation
    12 Stream Netflix
    13 Stream Amazon video
    14 web browse
    15 News and stock Market ( CNBC real time ECT.)
    16. LED flash light
    17 Image gallery viewing
    18 DROPBOX file sync
    19 Android market
    20 Tether To Droid X for mobile internet and navigation access
    21 FTP server for file transfer\
    22 Kindle reader
    23 FBreader ( ebooks)
    24 a few games like angry bird
    25 Remote control of high end DSLR cameras(direct usb connection)
    26 MS exchange sync for work E-mail.
    27 Document scanner scan to PDF or Email AWESOME
  10. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    I'm intrigued by the remote for dslr cameras. What do you mean by that? (I have a Nikon)
  11. Jore

    Jore Well-Known Member

    yeah same here....I'm also a hobby photographer...I use a Canon DSLR.
  12. liquidmonkey

    liquidmonkey Well-Known Member

    u mean TABLET here, instead of LAPTOP, right?

    GREAT NEWS on the eye-fi working!! been looking at those.
    which card are u using?
  13. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    Android market app. Remoteyourcam.

    work like this:

    Install windows or mac software to a PC or laptop (www.remoteyourcam.com)

    Install android app to your tab

    Connect camera to PC with USB cable
    Start camera server software on PC.

    Make sure android tab is on the same network segment as PC.

    open app on the android. Connect to camera and use controls and live view. look at JPEGS of images as shot.

  14. clb2196

    clb2196 Well-Known Member

    No, I meant that, maybe you misread? I said

    there not much I can't do [on my tablet] that I did on my laptop. I've pretty successfully replaced my laptop [with my tablet].

    I have a 4 GB Connect X2 card, I got it on Amazon. It's really pretty awesome, I can take pics while I'm out, or traveling, and review them on my tab, then upload them, or even set them to be uploaded automatically to Facebook or Flickr or whatever. And it's surprisingly fast transfer speeds.

    Well dang. :( I hope they add Nikons, because that sounds pretty cool! The eye-fi card lets me look at pics pretty quick, but the live view and ability to adjust the settings (and fire the shutter) remotely is pretty sweet!
  15. sassy01ss

    sassy01ss Member

    Is there a app to watch netflix on the new galaxy tab. I cant find

    QUOTE=scanman;2992611]I like having SKYPE on it. Easier than cranking up pc and easier to hold too.

    Netflix is nice.
    Docs to go.



  16. sdiddy

    sdiddy Active Member

    its a really good "private me time" device. thats worth $500 right??
  17. liquidmonkey

    liquidmonkey Well-Known Member

    yup, totally misread that, my bad.
  18. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    yeah its GREAT for that! :D
  19. liquidmonkey

    liquidmonkey Well-Known Member

    has anyone tried to use a usb internet sim card on the wifi only model and gotten onto the internet that way?

    i hope the next evolution has more ports...
  20. lens pirate

    lens pirate Well-Known Member

    Turns out it works really well for standing in front of a church and reading a eulogy.
  21. blk633

    blk633 New Member

    can you use voice recognition to type an email on my Samsung galaxy 10.1
  22. Benjie

    Benjie Well-Known Member

    Yes, you may.
  23. cneajna

    cneajna Member

    Just got it yesterday but am no stranger to tablets (the Samsung is a replacement for a Le Pan II that decided to get wonky - thank goodness for extended warranties). However, even though I'm still setting it up, I use it for reading, surfing the net, games, email, pretty much most of the same things you'd use any computer for...today I set it up to use my all-in-one Epson printer. I got it to scan and print a document using Epsons apps (iPrint and Printer finder). It worked great - the only glitch was I had to put the item I was test scanning in the loading tray on top and not directly in the scanner, but once I did that it loaded it, scanned and ejected it. I saved it, then printed it. No issues. Someone (I forget where) thought you could only use Samsung printers with it... apparently that is not the case.

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