what carrier can i get 3g/4g on my galaxy note gt-n7000Support

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  1. jonsalguero

    jonsalguero Member

    So i just purchased a galaxy note Gt-N7000 only to find out i cant get 4g on it from tmobile or any other company. Tmobile is giving real bad service so i want to change. Att said there prepaid go phone plans will not work on my note but i know they will as i have read through these forums. H2O also offers 4g but cell phone stores keep giving mixed info. Some say it will stay on edge network which i dont want because its slow others say it will be on 3g..i also know bg reading through this forum that people have gotten it to work on 4g..how can i do that? and can someone please straighten out my confuskon as to which network my phone will work on and if so what settings do i need to change?thaNks to all please help me im stumped on what to do

  2. L8AGIN

    L8AGIN Well-Known Member

    On the international version, you are out of luck. You can use it on att and tmobile but only on edge speeds. It is possible to get 3g/4g from att or tmobile with the i717, which has to be rooted, and for tmobile, a different modem flashed.
  3. nelonez

    nelonez Active Member

    i curently have the international galaxy note gt n7000 and I am on AT&T and I am getting H+ speeds which is 4G... Not to be confused with 4G LTE.... its a lil faster than 3G but not as fast as LTE...
  4. feuxfollets

    feuxfollets Member

    So I have the galaxy note international. I cancelled my T-Mobile data only plan and have been trying to get on AT&T service.

    Unfortunately AT&T refuses to give me a data only smartphone plan. I asked them for a tablet data plan but they won't give me one of those either for this device and insist that I bring an actual tablet to them to activate the sim card.

    H2O has really shitty plans.

    What other carriers offer data only plans compatible with this?
  5. jonsalguero

    jonsalguero Member

    Hey there L8AGIN so you are telling me even if i switch to H2O i will still get edge speeds not H+?
  6. jonsalguero

    jonsalguero Member

    hey NELONEZ are you on the contract plan or prepaid go phone plan.
  7. rwlavan

    rwlavan New Member

  8. rwlavan

    rwlavan New Member

    I have the Galaxy note gtn and I am getting the 4+ however my internet and my hot spot are extremely slow. I am with AT&T. Do I have a setting off? Any help is appreciated.

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