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  1. Mary4567

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    My Samsung Galaxy Y was recently stolen in my workplace. I have since managed to block the SIM card and block the handset via the IMEI number. However I have concerns, as it was stolen in the workplace, about what is stored on the SD card and could still be accessed even though the handset is blocked. What data would generally be stored on the SD card rather than the phone? I had never changed any settings on my phone so whenever I e.g. took a picture/sent a message I have no idea where on the phone they are saved. Specifically I am wondering where a)messages b) web history and c) photos are saved by default? Could someone please answer and put my mind at rest? Thanks.

  2. vikigmk

    vikigmk Member

    a)messages - Phone Storage
    b) web history - Phone storage
    c) photos - SD Card
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  3. Mary4567

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