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  1. Lmvks

    Lmvks Member

    Today after school when I turned on my Huawei Ascend it made me download an update but I see no difference. It wasn't the Muve Music by the way.

  2. Droidenized

    Droidenized New Member

    Hope that this site is as helpful as it sounds. Would love to root, over- clock, etc. with my Ascend 2
  3. Droidenized

    Droidenized New Member

    When trying to download Muve Music, after backing up files and it shows the download box. I click it and the screen goes to "preparing to update" it gets locked on that screen. The device is a Ascend 2. What up wit dat?
  4. dazeone

    dazeone Member

    Any luck yet on rooting overclocking etc.

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