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What do "Cell Standby" and "Phone Idle" mean?Support

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  1. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Alright, here's the story. For the past two weeks my Battery Use has been this:

    Android System 96%
    Cell Standby 2%
    Phone Idle 2%

    There has been almost no variation from that. Every now and then Display or Wi-Fi would show up as about 2% each, then disappear after a while. That's all.

    Last night my battery reached 10%, I turned off the power, charged it overnight for 12 hours, unplugged it, and turned the power back on. I noticed two things:

    1. My Battery Use list changed drastically. Now it shows something like:

    Cell Standby 31%
    Android System 28%
    Phone Idle 21%
    Display 8%
    Wi-Fi 6%
    Voice Calls 2%
    Maps 2%
    Internet 2%

    I assume this is actually a better representation of what the list should look like than what I had been seeing for two weeks, but the other thing I noticed was

    2. My battery was draining a lot faster than it ever had during the previous two weeks, even during idle periods.

    My battery had consistently been draining at around 1% per hour idle until today. Now I'm seeing it drop 5% in LESS than an hour while idle (idle meaning the screen shuts off and I don't use it).

    So my question is, what do Cell Standby and Phone Idle mean? Previously they had both been 2% and my idle battery use was excellent. But today they both shot up to the 20-30% range and I'm thinking this may account for the excessive battery drain even while the phone is sleeping.

    Why would these two things be so high? Nothing changed between yesterday and today except that I turned off the phone and turned it back on. I almost feel like I messed something up by simply turning it off! :(

  2. brushrop03

    brushrop03 Well-Known Member

    Cell standby.....phone's radio being on but not actually using it.

    Phone idle....phone being on but not using it.

    The percents change based on use. If you arent using your phone these two will be high, but it doesn't mean your battery is draining more. This should actually lead to longer battery life. Your android system seems kinda high, but that depends on what apps you're running
  3. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Hmm, so apparently my new Battery Use list is normal? It's weird that it used to be 96/2/2 and the battery seemed fine at that time. I'll see how it goes today.

    So Cell Standby is simply having 3G or 4G turned on, but not used in what way? Not on a phone call or using data? How does this percentage get affected by having WiFi turned on?

    As for Phone Idle, are you saying that this percentage should directly reflect the amount of time I'm not using my phone? So if it's been unplugged for 12 hours and used for 6 hours, Phone Idle should be 50%? I'm pretty sure that yesterday my phone was idle for MUCH longer than 21% of the time it was unplugged, unless something was still running to cause it not to be idle.

    When exactly does a phone enter the "idle" state? I assumed it was when the screen shut off and you simply weren't actively using it.
  4. DubyaD

    DubyaD New Member

    Someone plz answers this man I too have the same questions
  5. undefined_obje

    undefined_obje New Member

    here is the answer, those statistics you looking at shows the percentage of battery consumed by programs,apps or whatever Since the phone was charged last time. if you look at the very top of the screen that you see those statistics, you will see there it is saying "while last unplugged for 45m 15s.

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