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What do I do AFTER a Hard ResetSupport

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  1. jshort313

    jshort313 Member

    I'm pretty sure I need to do a hard reset and am worrying about what comes after that. I understand I'll need to reinstall apps but will I need to do anything to make the PHONE work. After all, it wasn't MY phone when it shipped from the factory.


  2. TheSultan

    TheSultan Well-Known Member

    you'll need to do the 228 thing to get reconnected to the network, that should be it really.
  3. Chandria

    Chandria Well-Known Member

    I had to do a hard reset, since I had the wrong gmail account as my default (have multiple gmail accounts). You will have to go through the set-up process again (228) and update the phone etc. After that business as usual...personalize, set-up emails, download apps.
  4. jshort313

    jshort313 Member

    Is that the deal on Verizon's web site that says, "Activate Your Phone"?
  5. jshort313

    jshort313 Member

    Never mind, I got it. Thank You all.

  6. aprillh

    aprillh Well-Known Member

    Bumping this back up... if I factory reset, will the data I entered in my apps (Astrid notes, for example) still be there or will I lose that? I'm just wondering what a pain it would be to re-setup this phone. Coming from WinMo where everything was an exercise in frustration, setup after a hard reset was a nightmare.
  7. niseag03

    niseag03 Member

    When I did my hard reset, I lost everything except photos. I still had my ringtones, but they were on my SD card so I don't count them as something that "survived" really. I would recommend finding somewhere to back up your Astrid... I use Remember the Milk for mine, and it was a lifesaver. I was able to redownload Astrid and just sync it up and I was back in business!

    Resetting isn't hard. Its just a little time consuming. I'd jot down the apps you want to re-download first to save yourself some time and trouble. But otherwise... its not that big of a deal in my opinion.

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