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What do I have? Flytouch 2?????General

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  1. yppat

    yppat New Member


    I was wondering if someone could help me. I bought this tablet 2nd hand but did not know the make\model of it. After some research I discovered it looked identical to the Flytouch 2. However, there's no indication of any such thing when I look at device info. here is what it says: Model # P001:JUTWNIA; VERSION - 2.2V2.5#4325; KERNRL VERSION- Judy@JUDY-PC#26; Build# FRF85B

    Can someone shed some light on what tablet I actually have and if I can root\re-ROM it?

    Thanks for your anticipated help.

  2. yppat

    yppat New Member

    I installed android sys info and it indicated the model was sawee10. Still no further ahead.

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