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What do you do with Tasker?

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  1. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    Okay, I finally got Tasker. I haven't had much time to play with it yet.
    I would like to start a thread where everyone can post what they use it for, and how you set it up for what you have it do.

  2. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

    I use Tasker for setting the volume and alarms, depending on where I am, what I'm doing (off google calendar), time of day, who's calling, and so fourth. It sets my Keyguard when out and about, and disables it at home, sends me a text message of where my phone is with a link to google maps using both net and GPS, if I send a certain trigger phrase to it. Takes a picture of whoever tries to unlock my Keyguard and fails. Many more are in the works, but not ready yet.

    Here are some of my profiles. I've written them fairly easy to understand, I hope. They seem out of order internally (context, task, context), but that's because you have to add the second context to a profile after you created the task.

    1. Out and about:
    Context variable "%where" matches "out"
    Task wifi off, all sounds louder.

    2. Close to home:
    Context state close to home using positioning via net, not GPS.
    Task (name) toggle wifi if variable "%where" doesn't match "home".
    Context state not connected to my wifi (set this up by inverting state connected to home wifi).

    3. At home:
    Context state wifi near (my home wifi ssid)
    Task (name) set wifi on, set variable "%where" to "home", popup Welcome home!
    Exit task (name) set wifi off, set variable "% where" to "out".

    4. Keyguard off:
    Context wifi connected to home wifi
    Task (name) plugin secure settings clear password/wait for unlock.

    5. Keyguard on:
    Context inverted wifi connected to home wifi
    Task (name) plugin secure settings configuration set pin

    6. Sound at home days:
    Context variable "% where" matches "home"
    Task (name) set sounds fairly low
    Context time from 07:31 to 22:00

    7. Sound at home nights:
    Context variable "% where" matches "home"
    Task (name) set sounds to mute and really low
    Context time from 22:01 to 07:30

    Many more to come!
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  3. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Wifi profiles:
    Audio profiles:
    Misc profiles:
    Thats it for now
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Autosync Off - Turns Off Autosync between the hours of 23:30 & 07:30 (although that varies when I'm on night shift).

    2G On - Switches to using a 2G signal when connected to my home WiFi. 3G at my house is terrible and this helps massively with battery life.

    WiFi Off - Turns Off Wifi when I've not been connected to Wireless network for 5 or more minutes.

    WiFi On - Turns on WiFi when I'm within 400 metres of my flat (has a dependancy on the one below).

    Location On - Turns on GPS between 07:15 & 07:45

    3G On - Switches to using a 3G when I'm within 400 metres of work (has a dependancy on the one below).

    Location Work - Turns on GPS between 17:30 & 18:15.

    Based on SU's post above, I also think I'm going to give the Intrusion profile a go.
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  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It works every time, unlike the light one thats been intermittently causing issues.

    I think any semi complex ones could be linked to [profile] threads too, like I did. we'll get a great resource pool then.
  6. gcobb

    gcobb Well-Known Member

    I have location profiles where I have the volume, background and a few other things changed. I have BG sync once an hour, I have a Sleep profile a few Scenes for SMS and Phone calls (still need to learn more about that) I had more on my last phone. I just add them as I need them.
  7. jasdjensen

    jasdjensen Member

    thanks for the security one that take the picture that's a nice one.
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Forgot about this thread. Just updated my list.
  9. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member

    I use it to:

    Speak the sender and body of text messages when I am driving greater than 15 miles per hour.

    Silent mode when in church. (based on day and time)

    Turn GPS off / on when WiFi connected / not connected.

    Turn WiFi on / off based on GPS location (work and home).
  10. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    some of my more interesting tasks:

    1. turn screen brightness to 10% when I launch the Kindle app, and set it back to default when I exit it.

    2. say "connected to the network sir" when it joins a wifi network.

    3. turn off wifi and APN data when its connected to AC power, and back on when its unplugged.

    4. reset all volumes to pre defined levels when I say the phrase "reset volumes" using the UTTER app by Ben Randall.
  11. tatootie67

    tatootie67 Well-Known Member

    How do you get tasker to know you're traveling faster than 15 mph?
  12. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member


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  13. tatootie67

    tatootie67 Well-Known Member

    So it's%LOCSPD.
    Nice, I was not aware of that variable. Thank you
  14. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member

    You're welcome. Just make sure to convert from m/s to MPH. :)
  15. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    How did you override the tasker tick boxes? Or does it simply use the theme defaults?
  16. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member

    Not sure what you mean. I had this profile before I updated Tasker to 4.0 beta yeserday.
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Your tasker has the default android on/off slide buttons next to each profile. Mine has tick boxes.

  18. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member

    Ok, my bad.

    The slide buttons came with the update.
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  19. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    4.0? I'm on 1.3.4b2...

    Guess I'm a few Beta's behind :)

  20. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member

    Yeah. Check the Tasker Google group.
  21. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yep I upgraded, Much nicer interface.
  22. phonephreak32

    phonephreak32 Well-Known Member

    what is the link to update? im on 1.3.3. i never got an update from the play store
  23. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Google "tasker beta"

    Beta versions are test versions so not on the play store
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  24. KaztheMinotaur

    KaztheMinotaur Active Member

  25. phonephreak32

    phonephreak32 Well-Known Member

    if you install the beta can you go back to the last final release?

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