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  1. Beckea

    Beckea Member

    I am looking for a ereader that connects to Borders Books ~ anyone have reviews and specs from these devices?

  2. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    I returned the Cruz tablet because it was slow. It's not worth over $200. If all you want to do is eread, then I suggest just getting the kobo ereader.
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  3. Beckea

    Beckea Member

    I would like to get email, facebook and some viewing of internet and music/videos a plus. Weather would be nice. Something I can take with me without having to take my laptop, kwim.
  4. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    If you're not scared, I would get the nook color. Root it and you can get the android market.
  5. Canadien

    Canadien New Member

    I got two they are quality built, although slow when surfing the net. Screen is gals unlike plastic screens that the Fly Touch I currently have. You do not have access the the Android MArket but a spin off from the vendor (considerably less Apps). It has a nice stand to support the unit.

    MIDNIGHTBLUE39 New Member

    i have the Cruz Reader r103 and i rooted it and put a new ROM on it and i now get the full android market, this unit has SO MANY POSSIBILITYS if you know what your doing! it even has a capasative touch screen now, it is VERY touch sensitive.
  7. c4sailor

    c4sailor New Member

    Can you tell me how you rooted it? Can the average person do this or find instructions online?
  8. hilldo

    hilldo New Member

  9. hilldo

    hilldo New Member

    This is my first rooting attempt and it went great!

    I am on a Cruz Reader 2.0. I bought it so I can tether to my Droid X wifi so my kid will stop hi-jacking my phone on road trips. Problem was no android market and clunky interface. Now I can hand him the tablet that will do just about everything my phone will do except make phone calls and navigate!

    OK... I found this thread on slatedroid...

    CRUZ READER ONLY - Step-by-step for Update, Root and SetCPU - SlateDroid.com

    I used Z4Root1.3.0 to root.

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Flashed to this ROM


    And over clocked to 800 MHZ here:

    3. SetCPU

    Now we will download SetCPU and set it up.

    - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Extract the .apk file and put in on your SD card. Using Astro, navigate to your SD card and touch the SetCPU apk. Install. It will ask for root permission, I usually select always allow.
    Now select the Samsung ARM device. After SetCPU loads, slide the MAX slider all the way up. BOOM! you now have an 800Mhz Cruz Reader! Set the MIN slider to 133Mhz, as sometime the Cruz can have trouble waking from sleep @ 66Mhz. You can leave scaling @ Conservative and it will raise and lower speed as needed or you can set to Performance to always have 800Mhz available to you at any given time. The latter option lessens battery time.

    Piece of cake... thanks to all who posted over at slatedroid!
  10. txnolesfan93

    txnolesfan93 New Member

    Hey I attempted to root and failed.... now I just get a white screen. Anyway of undoing this?

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