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what do you think?

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  1. goosebumps

    goosebumps Member

    Hello Optimus one users
    I'm thinking of buying LG optimus one or net beacause from what i read they seem perfect espacually with such a price

    i need your help and advice to make the right choice , since it's my first smartphone so:
    what do you think about this phone ? was is worth it?
    what are the pros and cons of lg optimus one?
    and finaly , it can't support adobe flash : what does this mean ? and is there anyway to replace adobe flash with another similar app and what are the differences?

    thanks for your time , and i'd appreciate a good adive :)

  2. yuripg

    yuripg Member

    Well, one can argue that Optimus Net has a more powerful processor than the Optimus One (800 MHz vs 600 MHz), but the community behind the latter is huge. It's valuable if you are likely to install custom kernels, custom firmwares, etc.

    If you are the kind of person that prefer to stick to the stock experience (at best keep it up-to-date with LG's official updates), then the size of the community may be irrelevant and the Optimus Net seems a very good option.

    Besides this, Optimus One has wifi G, while Optimus Net has wifi N, if I'm not mistaken. Is it important to you to have wifi N? The bluetooth is v3.0 on the Net, while the One has v2.1. Again: does it make a difference to you?

    Regarding flash support, I think none of them does it (there are unofficial ports for their processor architecture - ARMv6), but my guess is that you'll never want to view flash content on an average smartphone such as these (I have an Optimus One, by the way, and it's my first smartphone too).

    I'm very happy with my Optimus One, even that it's not a powerful last generation smartphone. The Optimus Net seems very similar, and it's up to you to decide what is the best choice.

    P.S.: Use this to compare them:
    LG Optimus One P500 vs. LG Optimus Net - GSMArena.com
  3. goosebumps

    goosebumps Member

    first of all, i never noticed that there were a difference between bleutooh and wifi my router is g i dont use much bleutooth so that is a solved issue .
    yet i'm craving for speed since my last phone was reetarded , and i dont want to loose those 200mhz on the other hand i'm not the kind of person that sticks to the stock experience after all what's the use of a smartphone if your not going to enjoy it to the fullest . and indeed the community is huge , i mean the forum is crawling with usefull topics and Resourceful members while optimus one 's forum is practically deserted
    also , i notice that optimus one's 3g is 7.2 while net's is 3.2 so that's a +1 for optimus one

    so it's all down to this ; speed vs popularity and 3g

    my question is ;
    what does the popularity offers ; what will i be missing without the community?
  4. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    I have the O1 so i will be correct when i say the following.. :D

    1) When i unpacked it, it was worth it, now its 10 times the worth (Thanks XDA).

    2) Cons - Seeing the range it comes in none. Better processor, RAM, Internal Memory blah blah all require more money. In 10k this is what you will get & its NOT LESS AT ALL..!!
    Still if u wanna know, u cant play high res videos coz of slow processor, no LED flashlight. Thats the main con i found.

    Pros - 512MB RAM (WOAH!) you get that in phones ranged 20k n around. 3mp camera nice. looks stunning (unlike LG's reputation), many custom ROMS kernels to overdo the phone, easy Root, top in class model..

    3) IT DOES SUPPORT FLASH (Not officially though), get it from XDA or get the phone i'll get u the links. We can smothly play 240p videos and view flash content anywhere, but 360p videos lag.

    So go for it, if 10-15k is your budget.. :D
  5. goosebumps

    goosebumps Member

    *how come you guys can't play high res videos while optimus one suports divx ?
    good to know it supports flash :D :D
    Thanks for your answer , everthing is clearer now . but i couldn't figure ou what's ROM and kernels? are they some sort of modified firmares ?
  6. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    O1 supports DIVX, thats true and thats why it can play all formats.
    but supporting a format doesnt mean it supports files it cant even handle..
    Thats why we can play all formats mkv, mp4, avi, 3gp etc but only upto the processor limts.
    Thats why 240p for MKV (coz decoding MKV files is a tough & processor heavy task) while i play 700MB dvdrips unconverted and uncompressed lagfree because they are in AVI formats and it is easy to decode.. :)

    As for
    ROMS's Kernels, i'll just give you a basic idea about it.

    Root - You'll this need to get all such UNOFFICIAL stuff. It voids warranty but can be undone and causes no problems if done as per instructed.

    Custom ROM's - Default LG ROM's are crap, ABSOLUTE CRAP, so a ROM is like the windows of your pc, custom ones are better like Win7, more features better stability etc, Stock (Original ROM's) are like Win98 slow, crappy. So developers port ROM's from other phones, modify them to be fast and compatible and allow them to be used by us.. :D

    Custom kernels - A kernel is like the software part of ur phone that controls ur CPU, ram etc. So stock kernels are set to make phone work at below optimum levels = slow n buggy
    In custom u can set ur Processor rates urself (I keep mine at 480-729Mhz) also u get better battery life and smoothness..

    Off topic
    I havent tried but u can check on Optimus Hub as well. I have no idea about it, just that the specs seemed better :)
  7. goosebumps

    goosebumps Member

    so : it runs smoothely avi yet it struggels with mkv , i thik that's the case for both and that's great news :D

    now i have a clearer understanding of custom kernals and ROM's ,they seem very useful

    i just have one question ; by UNOFFICIAL stuff ,do you mean like hacked apps ?
  8. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member

    Unofficial means anything that is not LG Supported.
    Individual developers get source codes for the roms kernels from the stock and release their idea of the perfect rom or kernel.
    So if anything happens to ur phone while u are flashing a rom or kernel, no one will be responsible..!!
    though till date i have flashed about 20+ times roms and almost equal times kernels and i havent seen any problems..
    just mind that Custom stuff is bound to have some bugs but those bugs wont be even 1% reason you would want to switch back to ur stock rom.

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