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What does "add to Reject List" option actually do?General

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  1. mxrider821

    mxrider821 Well-Known Member

    I used to have this option and button where I can send people directly to voice mail like your phone is always off on my old droid x, kind of a way of blocking them. Anyways I saw that the GS3 has an option that says "add to Reject List" under contacts > any contact > menu button

    I'm testing it out right now & just turned it on thinking it was the same thing, but when I did a test call to see if it works. The call just went straight through like it wasn't even on lol :hmmmm2:

    If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or knows what it does exactly, please post. Thx in advance :thumbup:

  2. brownitus

    brownitus Well-Known Member

    It rejects received calls from any number in the list, showing you in the Log that the caller did in fact call but it is utterly ignored. The icon will be a cyan circle with a slash through it.
  3. mrchris10804

    mrchris10804 New Member

    I just tried testing it on my phone and when I call from a number that's on my reject list: it rings once, goes dead for five seconds or so, rings again, and then says "all circuits are busy". If I remove the number from the reject list it works fine, add it to the reject list again and it does the 'all circuits are busy' thing again.
  4. Lato9905

    Lato9905 Well-Known Member

    Cant speak on what its doing for you but Ill tell you what its doing for me....

    Annoying bill collector calls me every day multiple times trying to get me to pay back my student loans.

    I hit add to reject list.

    Havent heard from them since. No ring. No VM. NOTHING.

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  5. PN000

    PN000 New Member

    Hello! I am using a Samsung galaxy S 3.. I added a number to the reject list. Although I no more receive notifications of calls from that number, it still shows up in the list of my call logs. Same with messages. It shows up in the list of spam messages. Is there a way to not know that the number is calling or sending you messages? I think when you block a number on iphone, it doesn't give you such details.

    Thanks in advance.
  6. aNice127

    aNice127 New Member

    So I finally tested this out today 11-25-14...

    Annoyingly enough, a rejected phone call does not ring on my end... And caller hears ONE RING THEN GOES TO VOICEMAIL. I really wish they heard something else.. Anything.. Maybe even "you are not allowed to call this person anymore, go away." Lol..

    So technically, they hear a ring and get "boxed" to voicemail. It doesn't ring on my end.. But shows up in my log with the number and an "A" circled through to show it auto rejected it.
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  7. aNice127

    aNice127 New Member

    Oh and I have a Samsung Galaxy S4/AT&T ..btw

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