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What does "EN" mean - auto-grammar is gone

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  1. southlake

    southlake Member

    Hi everyone,

    This seems to have started since the update. Whenever I type a text message, or a Facebook status update or comment for example, I get a code in the status bar that says "EN."

    Whenever this shows up, it's like auto-grammar (if there is such a thing) is turned off. Like I'll type "She's going to the store" and normally I don't have to hit the FN-K key to get an apostrophe in "She's" - it changes it automatically. But when EN is at the top, it doesn't update the grammar for me. I've noticed I can hit the backspace key in Handcent and the EN goes away and things go back to normal, but in FB hitting the backspace key moves me back a screen and never turns off the "EN."

    What is this and how do I turn it off? I had never seen it until recently!

  2. slurp812

    slurp812 Active Member

    I am assuming English...
  3. southlake

    southlake Member

    Ok, why doesn't the text auto-correct when that notification appears, then? Why do I have to manually type punctuation when I normally don't have to when "EN" does NOT appear?
  4. Traviswf

    Traviswf Well-Known Member

    I have noticed this too and cant figure out how to fix it...

    Anyone have any ideas?
  5. motoxxxman

    motoxxxman Well-Known Member

    does anyone even know what it is?? only time I get it is when using the physical keyboard. and i have auto-predict and all the other spelling options disabled for all keyboards
  6. PaPla

    PaPla New Member

    ha ha. I am wondering too. 2 words ...Gingerbread Blows.
  7. bradlees

    bradlees Member

    I get that 'en' symbol intermittently as well. It appears regardless of what the text input settings are, which seem to change on their own sporadically. Also, when I go into the keyboard input settings to check auto correct or whatever, the check box does not change so you can't tell what settings are en/disabled. This is not the only place that this happens, many option checkboxes do not change visually. Anyone else?
  8. I am also seeing this, with the annoying lack of auto-punctuate. I've also seen FR, which makes NO sense, because the only thing I can think of is French, which I don't know anything about! Lol oh Gingerbread... I love to hate you. :p
  9. motoxxxman

    motoxxxman Well-Known Member

    Actually what you are seeing is "Fn", which is to let you know the FN (function) key has been hit and is active
  10. slurp812

    slurp812 Active Member

    No, I press the function key, and have both EN and Fn

    But, you can enable Prediction on the hardware keyboard.

    Language & Keyboard
    Touch Input (yes, not a good place to hide hardware keyboard settings)
    Hardware keyboard settings

    In there you also see that Default is in fact English, hence the EN indicator.
  11. SW5906

    SW5906 Member

    I've noticed the same thing. Not sure what happens to make predictions to disable. However, I have figured out that when it does disable, I can touch and hold the notification bar (as if I was going to pull it down, but not actually pull it down) and predictions re-enables.

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