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what does it mean when you get a little droid guy with an exclamation point when booting in recovery

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  1. jayxpx

    jayxpx Member

    I just wiped clean and installed the squidly rom on my d2 and it keeps saying that i dont have room for more apps but thats clearly not the case because its factory wiped...i was able to get quickboot downloaded (because it wont let me download titanium or rom manager) and when i click reboot into recovery i get the little green android guy with a exclamation point above his head. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? any help asap would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

  2. jayxpx

    jayxpx Member

    i unmouted the sd card and now its allowing me to download all my apps again...still unsure of whats up with the little guys and the exclamation point
  3. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Well-Known Member

    i dont think you can boot into recovery that way bcuz the same thing happens to me. the only way i can get into recovery is through rom manager and the bootstrap app.
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  4. Hulkcrawler

    Hulkcrawler New Member

    Yeah, the post above is right. All that symbol means is that recovery has failed to launch. You have to bootstrap it.
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  5. jayxpx

    jayxpx Member

    ok thats good news...i am back up and running great...the Squidly 1.01 rom is great! very quick
  6. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    To clarify:

    There are two recoveries on a D2 after CLockwork Recover has been installed using the Droid Bootstrap program:

    - Clockwork Recovery
    - Stock D2 recovery

    Due to the locked down bootloader on the D2 (and DX) when you install CW Recovery you aren't replacing the stock recovery, you're just adding the Clockwork Recovery as a second recovery option.

    Launching Recovery options/results:

    - If you power on while holding the X key (or try to launch recovery from QuickBoot) you get the stock recovery - after the triangle appears you press the Search button on your keyboard to access stock recovery menu. Stock recovery can also come up if you try to launch Clockwork Recovery and for some reason CW doesn't want to load.

    - If you launch recovery from the Droid Bootstrap recovery app, CW Recovery will (virtually always) launch.

    - If you launch recovery or start a backup from ROM Manager, CW Recovery will (almost always) launch

    - If you boot up until the droid boot animation starts showing, pull battery, and then boot up again, CW Recovery usually launches

    - Some say that if you boot up holding the volume key down CW Recovery may launch, but this has never worked for me. Someone else had success launching stock recovery, selecting the install update.zip option (make sure you don't have an udpate.zip on the sdcard)...when that fails selecting the reboot option and CW Recovery would show up. Never worked for me...

    Bottom line, in my experience and from posts i've seen, there is no 100% reliable method to launch CW Recovery on the D2 other than from Droid Bootstrapper app. So if you get into trouble on the D2 and can't boot up the OS there is a chance (maybe a good chance) that you won't be able to get into CW Recovery, and will have to solve your problems using stock recovery or by flashing SBF.

    If at any time you are having trouble w/CW Recovery launching from ROM Manager you can go into Droid Bootstrap program and select the bootstrap option again.
  7. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    Typically it means that you have lost or never had root.

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