What does it say on YOUR EpicT?General

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  1. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Settings> About Phone> Status
    Under Network what does it say on your phone?

    Do you have a Boost version? A Sprint version? Metro PCS?!?!

  2. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Running MIUI, and when on 3G network says unkown, even after reboot.

    I am on FH29 so I would guess Boost.
  3. johnbobie

    johnbobie Member

  4. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

  5. acidburnd

    acidburnd Active Member

  6. KidGixxer

    KidGixxer Active Member

    Sprint, NYC.
  7. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    OK. I'm confused now. So people on Sprint have Sprint or Boost have Sprint or is it Sprint regardless of who your real carrier is?
  8. AprilThe20th

    AprilThe20th Well-Known Member

    I have a stock GS2,I bought it from boost store.I can also take pics of the phone and the box.Its not rooted and its says it runs on Sprint network.
  9. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    I have found that the Galaxy S II in general is not a slanted toward Boost thing like my prevail was (the prevail had Boost plastered on it like a freaking billboard even the case of the phone had it on it).

  10. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    I loved that ( & still do ) about the S2 when I openend the box, not Boost branded a every possiable location... Not a big issue but was kinda tacky on the ZTE WARP I upgraded from.. call me vain if you like :p
  11. robert93436

    robert93436 Well-Known Member

    mines say sprint

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  12. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Boost is Sprint buddies. Sprint owns boost and we use sprints towers. So all of our phones say Sprint
  13. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    It's more a label thing. I believe most people know that Boost phones run on the Sprint network. It is just that many of Boost's phones would say boost when connected. The Prevail would say boost on the home screen (until I got rid of the stock ROM). There are still minor differences between being on Boost or a regular Sprint customer. Your phones user name will be "yourname"@myboostmobile.sprintpcs.com, but at least it isn't a tacky billboard thing like it used to be..

  14. B0bbySalami

    B0bbySalami New Member

  15. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    I know some boost phones say boost. But all boost s2"s say Sprint

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