What does means android back up ?Support

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  1. tulikasri

    tulikasri Member

    i mean i never used an android phone.. . .. so i need to know how can i back up my contacts n data and also apps if by chance lost... it. .. many places i read that... it .... google android phone sync with ur gmail and. .make a back up for u but i cant see anything on email or any where?? and what about google servers... .. .i have samsung galaxy ace s 7500 phone .. i have made a setting of automatic backup.. n sync with my gmail account .. does it mean that it will restore my phone and i will get back my contacts sms n data ... apps??

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    it will automatically sync/restore the contacts .
    the sms are not saved nor are the apps .
  3. lokeshsaini94

    lokeshsaini94 Member

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