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What does root or rooted mean?

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  1. shaneallenhenderson

    shaneallenhenderson Well-Known Member

    Is my Samsung mezmorize rooted? What are the advantages or disadvanteges of root?

    I know it's dumb, but I'm new to droid.

  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    Gaining root access is the equivalent of having admin rights on Windows.
    If you didn't root it or purchase it from someone who stated it was rooted, then it isn't.
  3. bikeandestroyx

    bikeandestroyx Well-Known Member

    With root you are able to access and change all files on your device where as when you arent you can only access the ones the manufacturer want.
    Root is the Unix/Linux term for administrator. It gives you permissions you do not have normally with the regular user permissions
  4. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    It's not dumb but you might want to acquaint yourself with the search feature.
  5. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    This question seems to appear way too much. Here is a point click on all things root in the main page and you can read about all of the advantages of root plus answer your question about what it really is.

    To answer the question is in linux you have the opportunity to gain super user access through terminal this is exactly what root does gives you permanent access to root directory of your phone meaning you can mod the phone all you want including erase the operating system and brick the phone on the bad side.
  6. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    While they are trying to be helpful, the answers here assume the OP knows Linux, or what a Super User is, or the difference between having or not having Admin rights in Windows. And yes, people should search first, but you know it will never happen that 100% of the people will do what they should (that's why there are iPhone users. ;-) )

    To clarify from above: A phone that is NOT rooted can still be modified (you can still make it LOOK different) by using applications like Launcher Pro, for example, and installing Themes. You don't need to root to do this. If your phone is NOT rooted, you can also still access files that are on the SD card and/or on the internal memory, you just can't access _all_ the files on the internal memory. This is an important distinction imho because a complete newb might misunderstand and think he/she needs to root to access any of his/her files.

    1. If you Root your phone, you will be able to access files that you are not allowed to access without root. These are usually important system files, which you don't want to touch unless you know what you are doing because you could screw up your phone.

    2. If you root your phone you can use certain apps that need to access parts of the Android system that can't be accessed without root, but these are mostly obscure (in the past you had to root to tether your phone to your computer to share your data for internet access, for example, but that is no longer necessary).

    3. Rooting lets you delete the bloatware/crapware that often now comes pre-installed by the manufacturers and carriers, and which usually can't be deleted/uninstalled without root.

    4. Rooting lets you install custom ROMs. A ROM is like installing a different version of the Android OS with some changes/tweeks to it, like changing the layout and design of the user interface (UI), or so that you can get a newer version of Android on your phone before the manufacturer releases an update (if they ever even do!).

    These are the main things accomplished by rooting, and it is important to note that if you attempt to root your phone and don't do it properly, you could "Brick" your phone, which means it becomes inoperable.

    Do a forum search for Root and you should find a lot of info. In fact there is a sub-forum for "all things root". All Things Root - Android Forums
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  7. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    the others have given you good info...
    but to put it more simple...

    rooting is getting access to the ROOT directory of your internal storage. This is how you can get control of all your phone functions that the service carrier has denied you from.
  8. olc

    olc Active Member

    Being completely unfamiliar with anything smartphone, much less android, I undertook the rooting to be able to the things you mention. Root Check says the phone has root access, and the superuser app in there.

    First the T-Mobile junk needs to go to clean up the phone and the memory use. But when I try to use manage applications to remove something (bejeweled, for example), there is no uninstall selection and it says launch by default. I am clearly not understanding what I have to do after rooting to get rid of these things.

    I'd also like to use the Exhibit II as a hotspot for my wireless tablet without being nagged by T-Mobile to pay for it.

    Any help sincerely appreciated.
  9. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Hi, olc, while I am familiar with what root can accomplish, i have not done it myself, so i am afraid I cannot answer your questions.

    If you see my post above there is a link to a forum called "All things root" and someone in there might be able to help you.
  10. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    I use system toolbox to get rid of system apps. just be careful not to delete a system app that the system needs to operate.
    system toolbox is a free app from the android market
  11. poophydroid

    poophydroid Member

    Didn't find system toolbox for my HTC one v and lenovo A1 tablet. There is a system rom toolbox but it says the phone must be rooted in order to use.

    It came with a warning. So i thought I should confirm it here that you mean system rom toolbox.

  12. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    Yes they have changed the name since this was posted :). You have to be root to delete system software with any app! There are several walkthroughs for the mesmerized for rooting, flashing stock and custom roms.
    This is a great fun if you take advantage of all the customization available. Still a great phone anyway!!! Search the forums and don't overlook rootzwiki . Google it!

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