What does "skinned" mean?

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  1. macroid

    macroid Member

    Ok, before you reach for the shotgun, please just answer this.

    What does the term skinning mean? I read a review of Google Nexus S and it said "you might want to wait until it is skinned"

    Sorry, i'm just not up to date with the terminology!

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums, macroid. We're your friends here, glad you came aboard.

    Great question, as it has two answers. ;) Skinning can mean customizing the screens, as with launchers and custom icons, and it can mean purchasing a special skin-like cover for your device.
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  3. danetweedale

    danetweedale Active Member

    In the review the were probably talking about the fact this is pure stock Google and might not be to everyones taste as pretty much all Android phones have a "skinned" UI such as Samsungs Touchwiz or HTC Sense for example.

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