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What does the letters E, H, G mean......

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  1. ewan

    ewan Member

    ....on the screen when using the internet ?

    I've noticed this today. It started on G, then turned to E and then H in different intervals. I thought is was a 3G phone. Mine is on o2.

  2. gamma

    gamma Active Member

    I was wondering the same things...I think it may be 2g, 3g, edge network symbols..Well i tried..
  3. yabadabadoo

    yabadabadoo Active Member

    • g = gprs
    • e = edge
    • 3g = 3g
    • h = hsdpa
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  4. ewan

    ewan Member


    I've had the GPRS on when accessing the maps as a satellite icon appears, never had an icon showing 3G. However my work colleague uses an Ipod with Orange network and his shows the icon 3G .
  5. gamma

    gamma Active Member

    What's the difference and why do android phone toggle networks?
  6. yabadabadoo

    yabadabadoo Active Member

    GPRS is worst, HSDPA is best
  7. [fade]

    [fade] Active Member

    diference is in the bandwith, phone switches network when the one with higher bandwith is available.
  8. gamma

    gamma Active Member

    Yes, i was getting downloads of 3.50 Mbps the last time i ran a speedtest when my phone was displaying an "h".

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