What does this icon in the status bar mean?General

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  1. KA4993

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  2. Rxpert83

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    Looks to be GPS transmitting maybe? That's my guess at least.

    Try shutting GPS off
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  3. Gomjaba

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    Icons are in the manual and some depend on your provider so download your relevant manual and you should find it in the pages around 25-35
  4. Mikestony

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    Rxpert is correct...it is the GPS icon:)
  5. Doit2it

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    The diamond shape indicates that one of the 4 location services are activated. If you see it alone, it means the E911 service is activated. Note: this service can not be deactivated on most if not all phones. The three lines on the right indicate that one or more of the other three location services (Carrier, GPS and/or Google) are activated.
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