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  1. wobble99

    wobble99 Well-Known Member

    A new icon has appeared on the notification bar (top) which looks like a phone with two wavy lines next to it on both sides. It looks a bit like the icon described as "vibration enabled" but it is not the same. Can someone tell me what it means?

  2. stylelite

    stylelite Well-Known Member

    Can you do a screen capture and post it so we can see it.
    Press and hold the back/return button and then press the home button, it will save the picture in myfiles> screen cature

    THE ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Probably is vibration enabled but yeh screenshot will help.
  4. wobble99

    wobble99 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies. I eventually found the meaning. The phone had somehow got into silent mode. The manual shows an icon with a crossed out speaker for silent mode which is quite different (and more intuitive).

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