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  1. Jamiee411

    Jamiee411 Member

    hi can anyone tell me what this means, GT-19100' does not support initialisting


  2. drzak

    drzak Member

    I am getting the same message when I am trying to update to ICS through kies.
    My device is rooted running 2.3.5.
    Baseband version I9100XXKI3
    Kernel gm@gm-mint #122

    Also the CSC is listed as unknown (when dialling *#1234#)

    Can anyone advise on what I need to do to remedy this? My network is Three and kies has updated itself to version
  3. Jamiee411

    Jamiee411 Member

    mine is 2.3.4 so its really old one its really doing my headin cause i want ice cream sandwich and 02 have said its been released
  4. drzak

    drzak Member

    My guess is that we might need to get rid of the root, update and then re-root if we want to. I'd rather hear from the guys on here what to do though as I would trust them over my ability to guess anyday :p
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    It sounds like both of your handsets are rooted and therefore not eligible to receive updates via Kies.

    drzak is definitely rooted with the Siyah-v2.6.13.

    Jaimee411 is your phone new and direct from Samsung or your carrier?

    See under, "I have rooted my phone. Can I get ICS", here:-

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  6. drzak

    drzak Member

    Ah, few so the phone's ok. Is there a guide to un-rooting a SG2 on here?

    *Edit: It appears that we just install a stock ROM.
  7. Jamiee411

    Jamiee411 Member

    hi i got mine through tesco but 02 network, how would i be able to do it now? thanks
  8. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    The O2 update is only for their own-branded handsets. Tesco-supplied devices will probably either be XEU or CPW CSCs, neither of which have been released yet.
  9. tarny1

    tarny1 New Member

    Ive also got this after the last Kies update. My handset is Orange branded
    all I get is
    'GT-I1900' does not support initialising.

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