What does Tosihiba need to do to make this a hitGeneral

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  1. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    Ok, from what I have seen at IFA this is very nice. However lots of people were interested in the Thrive but Toshiba delayed and delayed. By the time the Thrive eventually came out it was run of the mill and not that cheap. To make this work I think Toshiba need to do two things:

    1> Get this out fast. If Kal-El starts promotions before this comes out they will take a big sales hit.

    2> It has to be at the very least cheaper than the Galaxy tab 10.1. The cheaper this is the more it will sell. See ASUS transformer and more specifically the HP touchpad.

    What do you think Toshiba needs to do to make this a hit?

  2. Cabad

    Cabad New Member

    price it at 399 like the transformer and it will sell like hot cakes. i'd say even cheaper but i'm trying to be realistic
  3. Jeter1186

    Jeter1186 New Member

    They need to keep the metal back on it, and they also need the screen to be gorilla glass.

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