What does your X Dock screen look like?

  1. Doit2it

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    OK, so there's not too much customizing you can do with the desk dock screen.
    There are only 12 icon positions spread out over 3 screens.
    But what have you done to get it like you like it?

    Left Screen
    I've just got my Calender, Sound Hound (in case I hear something on the TV or radio I want to tag), my Music, and my Photos slide show.

    Middle Screen
    If I wanna make a call or check the weather, it's here. The "All lables" folder is Apps Organizer where I can access all of my apps and games without leaving the dock screen for the landscape home screen.

    Right Screen
    My internet screen where I can toggle WiFi, check e-mail, browse, or watch YouTube videos.

  2. AFAngryWarrior

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  3. JubbaTheHutt

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    I think he was trying to startup a thread specifically for "Dock" based screen setups, but you're right, discussion such as this should be moved to the thread you indicated.
  4. sic0048

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    I'm fine with this thread being separate from the main screen shot thread. That is primarily about normal use screens, not docking related.

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