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  1. sycron

    sycron Well-Known Member

    We all know what the Droid X is and what its guts are made of. And its got me sold. However, lets just play the what if game? :)

    The Droid X same size, same design, out of the box including:

    • 2.2 Froyo stock Android
    • Improved battery life
    • Flash 10.1
    • LED notifications
    • Flush touch buttons
    • Improved higher res display

    That's all I could think of at the time :p

    What would change about the Droid X? What's your "Dream Droid"

    (I love the Droid X, this thread is not here to bash it):rolleyes:

  2. Curt941

    Curt941 Well-Known Member

    Umm, we don't even know what the battery life is yet, so why is it already a negative? And I saw on the spec sheet that it has a tri color led.
  3. sycron

    sycron Well-Known Member

    1. We actually do have a idea of how it will be, they said it was about the same as the Droid, which I am not saying is bad, but a better one wouldn't hurt now would it?

    2. I had no idea :p Where are these lights going to be at? Check one off the list I guess :D

    Oh and I do believe you missed the point of this thread, It is not to point out the negatives, but to see what could have been.
  4. Curt941

    Curt941 Well-Known Member

    Well, they're claiming 8 hours of talk time, and 220 of standby.

    iphone 4 claims 7 hours of talk time, so its all gravy baby.
  5. pirahna

    pirahna Well-Known Member

    Verizon says 6.5hrs talk time for the original Droid and 8hrs for the X.
  6. Garemlin

    Garemlin Well-Known Member

    The X has a built in battery management so we will see how that helps out.
  7. sycron

    sycron Well-Known Member

    I saw this too. Looks very promising :)

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