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  1. lumix

    lumix Active Member

    I have a Nexus S, first time Android user, just had the phone for less than a week, so I have a simple question regarding folders.

    My question is at what location should I put my personal files?


  2. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    You can put your files anywhere you choose. The only reason to use DCIM is for photos taken with your camera that you want to show up in the camera roll.

    My photos are on My pictures with sub-directories beneathe for random, family, pets, etc.

    My music is in My music, with sub-directories for each artist.

    My documents are in different directories based on what they are.
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  3. Exactly. You can put your files where ever you want. I wouldn't put anything else in the DCIM folder, it might mess with the stock camera/gallery.

    I personally put music in Music folder, documents in My Documents, videos in Media/Videos, etc.
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  4. lumix

    lumix Active Member

    Thanks for both replies, I now understand that better that I can create personal folders anywhere I want. I will create one folder at the root level (E:\) and have sub-folders for different type of files (music, video etc)

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