Accessories What hands-free accessory to get for the DROID X?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OfficeLinebacker, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. I just got my X and my old wired Jabra earpiece is the wrong size for the headphone jack on the DX. I'm not a big gadget guy and all the different options, BT, text-to-voice, some accessories work with some functionality and some don't, stereo headsets, etc just boggle my mind.

    I just want a good earpiece that works in my car, that's it. Any suggestions?


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    I bought this one a couple weeks ago, I love it:

    Jabra - Extreme Bluetooth Headset - Black - BT540

    Here are some of the reasons I chose this one:
    1. Jabra is one of the top BT headset makers that always have cutting edge noise cancellation
    2. Equipped with a second mic (Just like your Droid X) for noise cancellation
    3. Supports streaming music to your headset (First one I have found)

    I love this. The sound quality is great for calls. The music from my phone streaming doesn't sound too bad either.
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    We bought LG stereo bt headsets, and love them. In your car though, you don't really need a headset at all. Just plug your droid into your car stereo, and use a car dock.

    (A cheap gps dock is listed in accessories here, and works great for $3 shipped!)

    You can either use a cassette plug jack for car stereo, or use a fm trasmitter for newer car radios. (Walmart has one for only $15 that works great, and can use rechargable aaa batteries.)

    The stock cardock will give you most phone functionality you'll want, and the noise supression of the phone makes taking calls a snap. The sound will come from your car speakers, and the noise supression will pretty much filter that out.

    The only time I use our BT headsets now is when walking around. In my wife's car, we use the fm trasmitter, and in my older van, we use the cassette audio jack adapter.
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    I have tried many configurations of Bluetooth connection to various speaker-equipped devices but never have been happy with any of them. The volume level in the speaker is always too low or limited frequency so that car & wind noise interferes with my being able to hear the other person unless I am stopped. My Garmin Nuvi 1390T even sports what they call and "amplified" speaker built into the windshield mount but it still doesn't get the job done. Also, it's annoying for the person on the other end of your call because it always sounds like you are calling them from a loud echo chamber. IMHO for decent quality Bluetooth conversation in the car you are left to choose between an ear bud or a hard-wired solution to your car's audio system.

    Unless your car already has it as a stock feature, a good hard-wired system will be more costly, time-consuming and likely involve modification to your stock car stereo if not you vehicle itself. The key is crystal clear phone audio through your car’s speakers and a well-placed high quality noise canceling microphone. The system should be intelligent and able to automatically interrupt your music/navigation audio when a call comes in. You can shop these at Crutchfield but be prepared for a fun install. Also stay away from FM transmitter/based gadgets because they are all garbage.

    If you go with the ear bud, then I recommend the Aliph's Jawbone Icon I have used many headsets and personally prefer Jawbone. Their noise-cancelling technology seems to be better than all the others and conversations are always clear for both parties even in a noisy car. The Jawbone battery also lasts a good 4 hours between charges. A little trick is to buy Verizon's newer slim charger for your Dx which has a USB port on it that you can plug your Jawbone dongle into. This way I just leave my Jawbone in the car to charge between uses and never worry about the battery level. Jawbone Icon is also very small now (unlike previous Jawbones) and handy to carry with you for conversations in noisy public areas while keeping your hands free.

    Hope this helps.
  5. hey guys. I didn't have auto-subscribe enabled so I didn't check back. What I ended up getting is this speaker that clips to the sun visor. It has the FM transmitter. Recently, Pandora was upgraded so it automatically plays through a Bluetooth device.

    The FM reception isn't great but it works. And having Pandora on my car stereo rocks.
  6. Hey guys, update: The FM reception essentially only works if I leave the charger cable plugged in. What I do is, I have the official Motorola car charger for my DROID X and I just keep it plugged into the sunvisor speaker. I just charge my DROID at work on the USB cable to my laptop.

    What I want to do eventually is get one of those car lighter things with multiple USB slots in it so I can just use regular Micro USB cables to charge both accessories. Speaking of which, I think I'll see if I can find such things. I've only seen ones with two USB slots but it would be cool to have like, four, so a passenger can charge their stuff, too.
  7. The unit in question is a Jabra SP700 that I got from for about $50.

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