What happened to es security manager app?

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  1. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    What happened to es security manager app? Apparently their developer account was suspended? I thought the app was pretty good. Should I avoid using it even though I have the apk in my old phone?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Developer account suspended? Other ES apps are still in the Play Store, so that seems unlikely. But it seems like this one (and their old Bookmark Manager) have been withdrawn.

    Whether you should use it really depends on why it was withdrawn. They may just have decided that it wasn't getting enough business to be worth the effort, or there may have been some reason they were forced to withdraw it. However, a quick search has not turned up anything on that. I can't see, from the descriptions of the remaining apps, any evidence that it's been merged with one of them.

    I'd sort of hoped that their own discussion forum might have something in it, but it looks like the file explorer section is the only part of that forum that is being moderated now - the other sections are wall-to-wall spam!
  3. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    I thought the same thing but I'm under the impression that the company that made file explorer and security manager are not the same. I'll try to find the link that said account suspended.
  4. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

  5. hortstu

    hortstu Well-Known Member

    So needless to say I'm wondering if I shouldn't have been using it. I liked the allocation security and the lost phone feature. Anyone know of a suitable replacement? Should I try using the apk from my old evo?
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Interesting. But ES Security Manager was from the same people, unless there was also another app pretending to be it (which is a violation if Play Store T&Cs). There are still traces of it in Estrongs website (a background image on one page includes the name, and their is a section in their forum), plus I remember when it used to be listed there.

    So I'm not sure I understand that.

    If you are unsure there are many other free security apps available (Avast and Lookout come to mind).
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